Awesome second trimester

I'm more to my normal self on second trimester just a double size belly
when i look back i couldn't remember much for first tri other than vomit and sleep
So far i gain 6.5KG and doctor say baby size is normal and i'm not concern about the weight gaining 
my mum confidently say that she do not have water retention problem during her 4 pregnancy so i shouldn't have that too..Thanks God so far i haven't see it coming will see what happen on 3rd trimester
little bump is getting bigger and active each day, everyday i'm happy to feel baby's kicks or burp in my tummy, it seems to be a signal or assureance for me to tell my baby is healthy and kickin
i'm not sure whether is just me or what, i tend to be very caution of things i do that affect baby
so i google a lot! xxxxx good/bad for pregnancy? is my top google search question 
for example food like kimchi, red snapper,or activity i planning to do swimming, chlorine water in the pool an blah blah blah 
can see my focus is changing when i eat unhealthy food i feel extra guilty not for my weight but my baby who will get nothing nutritious from the rubbish food i ate..i guess that everyone experience as a first time mum-to-be some more i don't have my folks or in law with me to give me advice or cook for me so i feel extra responsible to my baby
been reading articles for breastfeeding and joined breastfeeding support group too 
i really really hope i can make it for my baby i feel extra stress when none of my family or relatives are doing it they are formula supporter. So i have my plan having my confinement in Singapore with hiring confinement lady i know whom help my friend with breastfeeding. Try to avoid negative energy around so we planning to invite in law and my family over after my confinement and of coz pray to God for strength and all my part and see how it goes

we're moving to our own space next two week!
no more sharing with others.. and we love this house that we chosen
house viewing within 2 week and we settled with this it's gonna be burden to hubby coz it cost double  and more the price we paying right now but for privacy and baby it's all worthy! have been busy with household shopping and first time in our life we brought our own TV and washing machine ahha i know is not a big thing to many but really we're so amaze and realise we're gown up adult..

Just got back yesterday from our babymoon in Bali 
glad that we did both of us need a break my our work and this busy city life and of coz before baby join our family we need a retreat 
have great time spending together, we talk a lot during the trip what we do just focus on each other no work no computer just us and i make him promise to bring me for such trip once a year 
till then, update soon on my trip or maybe our new home in Singaland or maybe my maternity shoot

take care