Times really fly! Today marked the 11months i moved to SG 
7 months working and I'm growing closer to 30 day by day! 
if someone tell me i'm doing what I'm doing right now a year ago, i will definitely say no way!
as a year ago i'm really happy with my freelance jobs, one way ticket, life in KL with family around, we actually planned to get pregnant a month before hubby is informed to moved here to work!
and plan canceled! too bad! if not i would have a baby in my arm now~ 
but i'm not blaming anyone or complaning as i know deep in my heart its all God's plan to us   
now hubby is blessed with a better job (he changed to another company recently) and I'm used to 9 to 5 life! the only thing i really miss is our family and church members..

been asked by few people what i really want to do in future, my answer is always housewife! hahah
seriously i don't even bother to be freelancer anymore! i just want to be a simple housewife..or homemaker (a nicer name) 
i love the idea of taking care of babies preparing meals for husband and kids! can't wait the days to come maybe i will regret but at the meantime that's my ultimate goal! haha added that in my prayer list.
just being random if not this post it's gonna be too short, my belated birthday gift from hubby
have been eyeing on it for longest time and finally!
love the size and design so much just nice for wallet, phone and small water bottle! love it max
Thanks hubby ming!