Carpenter & Cook

Cafe hopping is such hit activities to do on weekend
Thanks Winnie & Bing Da for asking us out and bring us to nice cafe!
they are actually one way ticket customer Winnie is one of the first who booked our package and first singaporean client..we are still very new that time and we are amaze why she have faith in us! coz we only have 2 album for her to view when she sign up..
so we have the photo shoot last year end and now we become friend! 
hubby documenting us in the cafe! he love the black & white filter in our new camera..
i love love love the deco in Carpenter & cook! so vintage so retro!
and everything in there are for sales! and of coz very expensive too
so nice right?! we have great time snapping pictures, chit-chat and eating pastries 
luckily not much crowd that day 
all the dessert are home-made!
my favourite of all!Their signature Lemon Curd Tart! 
with the lovely couple and us! love couple date! 

19 Lorong Kilat #01-06 Singapore 
(Closed on Mon)


  1. It was nice hanging out with both of you!
    Can't wait for the next outing... :)

  2. very nice picture and the food, really enjoyed, feel free to drop by mine too~ XD

  3. are these pictures taken using the Sony cam ?