Cafe Hopping @ BKK

hola! im im gonna share 2 of my favourite cafe in BKK!!
my BKK crave is here again..can't wait to go soon~~
i really enjoy cafe hopping especially when come to travel! relaxing and people watching is fun too!
maybe im getting old~ a pack and hectic travel and try to achieve every tourist spot is not my cup of tea now! im more looking for beach villa trip, relax city tour~

After You, Silom Complex
i know i mention this so many many times!!is still my favourite dessert so far!
i use to visit the branch in Siam paragon..but it was so crowded everytime and queue is never ending!
you can't really enjoy your dessert or chat sis tien bring us to the one in Silom Complex..

so much spacious and less crowd! we should come here earlier!!
the environment here is way better 
since we're early and no people in the cafe, photo session!
love the lighting there~ got korean feel or not! hahah

we order apple crumble and signature Shibuya Honey Toast
the apple crumble is good!!! so good~ honey toast is as good as usual..
fix our sweet tooth and more selfie!
our skin look so good in BKK dunno why
after we came back from the trip both of us have pimple breakout
i think even our skin love BKK more..

Everyday by Karmakamet 
after fixing your sweet tooth you can walk to Everyday! i blogged about our dinning experience with Karmakamet Diner here  
its my second time here tho.. i still love it very much and much affordable~

beside having drink or cake you can even shop here! they sell postcard, deco stuff, scented products and more
i love their design and concept and i will never come out with empty handed

even their cup put a smile! 

we choose a nice seat beside the window! so we do our people watching activities here and yeah nice sunlight! mean more pictures! 

you there's colour pencil and free postcard for you to draw and doodle

that's me spending my own sweet time doodles

really love Everday! go visit if you go Bangkok
Everyday Shop's location: Take the BTS and get off at Saladaeng station Exit 3. You will see YADA building and TMB. Walk into alley next to the bank and voilĂ ! Everyday will be on your right.

ootd: white sheer sweater: BKK // white suspender: REVERIE // shoe: Asiatique // tote bag: sis's own

love how contrast we wear that day with our brand new outfit from bangkok!

TRIANGL Underwear

My first Triangl! i'm so happy to received this in my mail the other day in the office
Thanks Triang underwear for sending me this beautiful piece!
my choice among their amazing range of swimwear and undies
love the piping and structure design i'm definitely not a sexy person when come to underwear because i don't have nice body figure is main reason so i always go for cute + comfy 
never did i encounter such a fashion underwear give you more of healthy look than sexy look to me
most importantly they are supper comfy!especially if you don't like thick padding like me 

don't worry if the shipment will damage your bra coz their shoe box design is awesome!
delivery to sg take less than a week!! 
i personally love it from packaging, design and their services
 considering purchasing second piece myself but too spoilt of choice!
check out TRIANGL and let me know which is your favourite~

Hairdo at number76

my latest hairdo on April ..which i quite like it 
this round i option for Calvin from Bangsar 2 to do my hair
main reason because of the 50% promo on April
dye and cut 50% discount, what a great deal right? you can always check out their site for latest promo
when there's promo the stylist booking sure very hot so you have to make prior booking online coz they don't accept walk in customer

I've been visiting 76style for 2 years plus 
i switch stylist every 2 or 3 visit, so i've tried many of their main stylist 
what i plan is to try each stylish and see who should i stick with in future 
so here just wanna share my experience with different stylist throughout the years 
they are all good but each of them have different style 

story start from 2 years ago when i first went mid valley was the hottest branch 
Steve was my first stylist 
that was before my wedding where i still have long hair and i was there for my wedding hair! 
steve didn't let me down tho.. hair is lighter layered and also did my first ultrasonic treatment that i fall in love with the result till today~
hair without curl and style..well trimmed

Then after i got married, and decide to cut my hair short after keeping long hair for 10years..
fresh oven by Steve too..
he curl my hair bit which i find too mature
without curl..

then it was 3 month after i went back for trim 
and it was Amy gave me a bang
and amy again to color my hair, i think 76style really good in hair dye..
they have really good skill
amy give me this highlight which high light low light thingy..dunno how it work
which quite obvious here..

then my third stylist was yoshi
first try on darker hair shade..
which i quite like it
and a shorter hairstyle and bang again i think japanese stylist love bang
and back to lighter shade again..
i think my style is kinda bored right, you might be boring reading my blog too
bear with me 2 more stylist!
guess who? hikky she is really good in color!
she give me this nice ash/green color which i like very much
faded a little but still my favourite color
latest was Calvin tho is promotion price he still give his best in consulting
the color he give me is Greige (Grey & Beige) as i cannot decide which should i go with so he mix it out for me, i love how he curl my hair! and received so many compliment for my hair! thanks Calvin!
i think he is the one whom im sticking with.. coz he have skill pass by yoshi
coz i find it bit hard to communicate with jap stylist..:P  just my 2cents

maybe you can share with me who is your favorite stylist or saloon

Midi Skirt for shortie

Outfit i wore today
Zara Top + Panel Mindi Skirt + Zara Sling Bag + Stylenanda white platform 
got this skirt from last bkk trip i keep white (m) for myself and black that i wore here are all sold out in Reverie Store
take sometimes to wear coz i send it to alter, big problem for shortie when people can wear it midi we probably wear it as maxi! haha
so i ask my tailor aunty to alter it to get the perfect midi length and nicely fit waist! thanks for my awesome tailor in KL

Check out Reverie Store New Arrivals!