Hello Update!

Working life is no life!
hahah.. nothing interesting to update 
here some picture me and le husband who hijack our reverie photoshoot
and the pictures turn out quite nice..hehe 

and his is wearing everything i got for him from bkk..nice ornot?
fall sick this week and he cook me porridge that he learn from yahoo answer
"how to cook porridge for sick"
and turn out not bad..haha we ate that 2 night in row!
woohoo tomorrow is Friday!! and hello weekend!!
have a great week yo~

Embrace the Birkenstock Trend

coz i actually collect a set of photos that people look great in bikerstock 
I'm totally convince! hubby brought me my first pair Birkenstock-inspired sandals from Zara last week
i can't wait to get my dslr back from kl so i can take outfit photos soon
okie now i share my collection of photos with you 

all white! 
a little formal outfit goes well with it too!
ZARA have 2 version birkenstock slipper i got the one on right
Chloe Choo
i brought this pant coz she match it perfectly 

wear it with sock! that's another level up to me

i don't mind looking like a hobbit..:) (read an article that claim people look like hobbit in birkenstock)
Let's Embrace the Birkenstock Trend~

seen my workplace doesn't have any clothing restriction so basically we just wear short and slipper to work 
thanks for requesting for work outfit pictures i wish to take ootd but just can't find anyone to take photo for me..hmph ill think of way..

Have a great weekend!

9 to 5 lifestyle

finally i start working as full timer
no more sleeping late at night, wake up w/o alarm, random yumcha with friends at office hour
im gonna really miss the most enjoyable 3 years i had!
but i look forward too to start this new kinda lifestyle
especially i can have my own time every night after work and also weekend! no need to worry about work at all..
tho i still have freelance with me but that not the major focus now
oh ya i still work in One Way Ticket tho still doing the mood board part!
many thought i quit/leave, I'm not ok! is my baby.. 
whenever we are back to kl ill always go back to studio get thing organised and getting stuff prepared for the next project~

now i have to do is get use to the travel time to work
and 9 to 5 (actually i don't really work that timing) lifestyle~

I'm running out of ideas to blog!
what you wish to read? gimme some ideas k~
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