a dinner date with my sister at Karmakamet Diner, Sukhumvit
we didn't call for reservation so we can only seated at their outdoor dining place
please make reservation if not you're going to be dinner for the mosquito like us! 
love the design and concept of the restaurant!
industrial, rusty and vintage set up!
we order smoke salmon salad and Creme brulee with lava cake to share
food was ok..atmosphere win more~ get what i mean?hehe
the pricing is around 300bath to 800bath for main dishes
dessert are around 280bath to 400bath 
they serve breakfast menu in the morning too price are more affordable..
will be a good option if you're on vacation with your love one for proper dinner date..
Karmakamet is famous of their aromatic products, you will definitely saw their shop in chatuchak
in the restaurant you can do your shopping too they display their products from home deco, candle to pillow at another side of the restaurant..  
Karmakamet Diner 
30/1 Sukhumvit Soi 24 Bangkok 
Daily: 9am – 11pm 
Nearest BTS: Phrom Phong

Directions: Make your way to Phrom Phong BTS station and head towards The Emporium. Walk towards Emporium Suites where you’ll pass by two car parks on your left. Benjasiri park will be on your right, keep walking straight till you see a small lane on your left. Head into the lane and you’ll be led into the secret world of Karmakamet Diner.

i prefer Karmakamet cafe more~anyone interested to read? 

Random Pictures & Giveaway Winner

pictures taken during bkk trip day 1
1. ootd:: Reverie powder blue dress | Holographic shoe from sg   2.my eyepart make me look extra older in this photos but i like the smile   3.who don't love sun ray photos?   4.my travel partner sister tien


but im not giving only one! but 2 blusher after reading your comments!!!

i really hope i can give out more coz you girls are so supportive and write very good entry but i can't give away all that i got from sponsor..the blusher is so good i need to keep some for myself..

so the winner are picked by random.org
1. Koey Leow  2.Choi Yan Ng  3.Yen Li  4.v!vi@n   5.JEZZLYN   6.Stacey Heng  7.Ai Rene  8.♥ 美鳳 ♥ 9.ivy ong  10.~nEw DoRy~  11.Esther Lee   12.livvy chan  13.SoonYan  14.Eriol Loh   15.Sher  16.♥Me-LeiTing 17.XiaoWen Lim  18.missscavy   19.Ashley Chaw  20.Amelia  21.ying ying  22.Jilien Wong  23.Fliani TIe   24.Crystallciious  25.Hilda Milda™  26.hazel eyes honey   27.Pei Yuan   28.Anonymous  29.celine ong  30.Amelia Yap

Giveaway Winner *drumroll*
17 & 29
XiaoWen Lim  & Celine ong

you girls will be getting the blusher you wish to own and some other goodies! email me to redeem your gift k kim0921@gmail.com
thanks for letting me know you're reading and participate in this giveaway, those who do not win is ok! go to sasa nearby try and purchase this beautiful blusher ya.. i will do giveaway more in my blog! *promise* 

New Purchase:: Cleansing Solution
**Giveaway Canmake Glow Fleur Cheek**

Kuron 5D Brush
Total Cleansing Solution
i always wanted to get a Clarisonic one which cost 400 to 500rm
so here i got a cheaper version, of coz not expecting better outcome than clarisonic 
i brought my Kuron from bkk central world,zen department store at 1990bath
actually im not sure whether it is good ornot never heard or read any review about it
but i saw they claimed it in Thai Cleo Beauty hall of fame 2013
i straight away grab one to the counter
Innovation from korea btw so another reason of buying..hehe
the brush is really soft if compare to their previous verison (don't judge it by these photo coz the brush are still wet) 
why 5D?
Deeply Clean  |   Delicated Skin   |   Dermaclear   |   Detox   |   Double Protection
oh ya the price include 150ml foam cleanser 
i choose Age-Reverse suitable for normal to dry skin

so here is my review::
first try after using it i can really feel extra clean skin and refreshing feeling after the wash and able to absorb toner faster..
i wanted to try whether i can use it daily so the 1st week i tried using it for 4 days then i realize got peel skin at my chin especially after i tried to use it with some pore scrub salt not sure is the scrub salt or i overuse the machine tho 
btw i think is the Baking Powder Crunch Pore Scrub from Etude house i used with the machine! too strong and irritate my skin.. i'm gonna throw it away!
so the following week i decide to use it only 1 to 2 times a week coz most of friend told me no need have such clean face since my skin is more to dry is good to have some oil..hahaha after that no peeling skin and all 
i quite happy with this buy.. if you wish to get one when you're in bkk got to Zen department store..:)
the pink version only available in Central department store 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
My previous post about Canmake Glow Fleur Cheek review
so here i'm giving away this pretty blusher to the lucky one and also some other canmake product 
to thanks you who is ready my blog! if not you my reader i wouldn't be getting sponsor or attend any event 
my side of the dressing table are filled pinkish mostly product from Canmake, so pretty right
okie now how you can win this!
tell me which color you love most (you'll be getting ur favourite color) and what you like about Canmake Glow Fleur Cheek 
good luck~

winner annouced

Monotone room Part 2

chevron  |  polka dot  |  black  |  white  |  quote

another version of monotone bedroom deco, previous link
i hope i can turn my sg room into sometime creative and homely too..

Review :: CANMAKE | Glow Fleur Cheek

yeah blogging mojo is back! hope you're happy too
i write you kaypoh k.. win win situation..
okie ad break
i've been trying out Canmake new product
**Glow Fleur Cheek**
actually my very first blusher is from canmake..seriously..

i brought along with me to bkk coz that's the time i got to make up almost everyday~ so i got to tried and experiment ..
you know what, honestly i love it!
the glowing effect is natural and give an illusion of healthy pink cheek
the casing design is very pretty and princessy 
its Powder formulation, yet has startling translucence & luster! 
Let the flowers of a smile bloom in your cheeks 
Looks as natural as bare skin! 

available in 5 shade
No.01 Peach Fleur
A beige-pink that provides a pinkish tint. For cheeks like the petals of a flower

No.02 Apricot Fleur
A coral that provides a gradual flush that will suit everyone. Healthy!

No.03 Fairy Orange Fleur
A juicy clear orange. For a stylish impression

No.04 Strawberry Fleur
An icy girlish pink. For an innocent impression

NEW! No.05 Wedding Fleur
A yellow-pink that is like sugar candy and very sweet color 

❤Blush with a lustrous finish❤

very natural right?
no body like monkey ass cheek right? hehe 
my personal favorite is No.03 Fairy Orange Fleur
Translucence & staying power worthy of a cream 

blush, but in a powder?!

 ❤ What’s the secret of this startling texture?★

① The secret of its staying power♡
The perfect balance of diisostearyl malate, a viscous oil-based ingredient, and dimethicone,
an oil-based ingredient with a silky-smooth texture!
It’s this perfect balance that gives it the staying power of a cream blush❤

② The secret of its translucence♡
Uses “clear base powder (synthetic mica)”! Although it’s a powder, it doesn’t have that characteristic whitish tinge,
so it achieves the same translucence and vibrant color as a cream!

③ The secret of its soft powder♡
Contains springy “urethane powder”. This has an extraordinarily light, airy feel!
Creates an amazing texture that clings to your skin, as though melting into it★
The secret of lustrous cheeks! Finish with the burnishing glow powder★
Glow powder is the secret of the luster.

after some research online i found its recommend to use with their signature tint blusher!

to create even obvious and long lasting look!
i'm trying out Mode high cheekbone blush
successful ornot?hehe i think i should make it higher next round
The color and content of the pearl particles have been carefully calibrated
to ensure that they achieve the best luster for each shade! A quick sweep is all you need over cheeks tinted with a delicate flush.
Boosts translucence! For lustrous, healthy-looking cheeks♪
Soft-focus effect gives your cheeks a poreless look
“Focus powder” with a highly light-diffusing effect softly obscures textural irregularities due to pores, helping to make your cheeks look more translucent!
Long-lasting because it contains powder which is the “sebum-absorbing powder (silica)” to prevent make-up run.

girls will not have only one blusher don't we? 
i have a lot of different type of blusher from cream, tint and now i have powder type!
i think i kinda collect blusher coz blusher is nicest cosmetic items to me..
if you're looking for a blusher.. go get yours now~
available in Sasa outlet starting the month of March!

Reverie Spring Update

Reverie update tonight!
this round we do streetsnap rather than normal plain background 
we love the outcome so much!!
check out our update tonight 8pm 

BKK Haul

This trip is sponsored by hubby so he is expecting something back
haha he kept remind me to get him some clothes to attend our close friend wedding
then throughout the trip i kept telling him money not enough, stuff i brought too expensive
the last day i post in dayre saying i din buy anything to him yet..
and he felt bit sad and ask me this weekend are we free to go out to shop for his clothes
haha my hubby so cute! 
who like to prank or bully your love one like i do?
 actually i think it do help to put some spark or fun to boring daily life..
for example when im out with friends and ill tell him ill come back late 
actually im already back hiding in the room so once i hear his key opening the door 
ill close all the room light and hide at a corner and scare him
of coz sometimes i got revenge too.. 

of coz actually i brought everything he needed
i love to prank him love to see his expression and reaction..
so i put them nicely and place it on our bed as a surprise when he come home from singapore 
and he show me his happy kid face..
i enjoy buying clothes for him
he use to be those guy with tee, jean and sandal when we just got together
then i start to change his wardrobe..and become his personal stylist hehehe

and part of my hual from bkk
mostly black, white and dusty blue..
Since i got myself number of new clothes
i guess is time to sell off my preloved to make way for the new member
visit Fashion Fun Fair at Emcee Couture boutique
check out blogger pre-loved items!
im selling my at really low price~
hope to see you there~ 

Full White Outfit | Part 1

i say part one i'm not sure actually when part 2 will appear here
so no promise k
i do have the photos just my mood on blogging always swing and unstable haha worst than pms
just got back from BKK, manage to take some pictures 
call me shorty!
puffy face in the morning 

full outfit are reverie coming collection (except shoe from Singapore)
as always we sell what we wear..
many ask why no update coz i can't find anything nice or anything i want from my supplier
this trip too not much i bring back
only those i think nice and affordable coz really really nice one are too expensive..
in case you wonder the situation there
i personally think quite safe within my days there
but obviously bkk is much quiet and less crowded