My entertaiment in SG

Hello! anyone still reading in abandon blog here?
can't imagine this is only my second post in 2014! so inefficient! i blame dayre..(username kim.n)
coz i blog there more frequent till i got nothing to blog here.. 
okie today im gonna blog about my biggest entertainment in SG which is shopping!!
we spend our weekend in the mall shopping, find food, window shopping 

so far my favorite shop to buy clothes in SG is Editor Market!
their pricing terms is crazy which make u buy more for better bargain!
i ended up buying 6 pieces of items that day.. some more their size fit me very well..if convert sure very expensive.. since im using hubby money so ok lar! one piece around 25 plus..hehe #badwifematerial

other than this shop the rest are online boutique like Younghungryfree brought a denim short from them! and fit me perfectly too!! 
i like their stuff coz their model, Aud almost same size with me and their style is more to cool and edgy type..

Theory of Seven feminine and girly style, i've been waiting for the backorder items to be restock! but no news yet..really wish to get the items to wear for friend's wedding~

then is Aforacade that ping recommend me, basic stuff that can mix and match easily, i love their guy collection always convince hubby to get their clothes

other than shopping for clothing i also love to shop deco, stationary, art and craft stuff in SG! so many nice shop here!! Kikki.k is one of my favorite for stationary got to know them from cathy who brought this quote card for me last year from aussie love their design..then when i found out its available in SG im so happy.. i can spend hour in that tiny shop! so inspiring minimalist design but with great color scheme! 
then is Spotlight! a handmade heaven! you're get to buy all sort of stuff their to diy everything!
nice imported fabric, thousand of ribbon to choose, party deco! i can foreseen ill do lotsa sourcing here here..

actually i shop the most and went so frequent is fairprice! hahah
i go every 2 days! other than buying ingredient to cook i love to buy fruits too! 
fruits like strawberry, blueberry and grapes are cheaper there 
apple, oranges, papaya around the same price so its better to buy those berries right? 
haha suddenly become so aunty
but i enjoy cooking here, its healthier and easier no need to think what to eat
just cook whatever in the fridge, and no need to worry have to wash dishes coz hubby will handle the washing part and clean the kitchen..hehe i cook and he have to wash that our rules!
whatever i cook he will finish everything..ya he is so easily impressed that why i enjoy cooking for him

got my valentine present! hehe not really expensive purse but something i've been eyeing for sometimes..
thanks hubby

Other than shopping and cooking our next plan is to visit different Singapore tourist location once a month!
so many place we wanted to go..but 1st i need a job to stay..haih~~


  1. I'm from Singapore and I love reading your blog and dayre! Shopping is so expensive here, prefer shopping in malaysia! :p

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  2. so long time did not c u appear here Kim! miss your blogs!

  3. Angel: hehehe ya that what all my sg told me~~

    Kylie: thanks for missing here!!! i miss blogging too..but life just too boring :(

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