New Year New Journey

Start my 2014 in Singapore!
like so suddenly...
meet some friends in the mall here in sg and they are so surprise that i moved here..
my clients are shock that i've no longer based in kl no worries ill settle all the job here
coz i never wrote it here in my blog i'm so addicted to dayre..i update almost everyday there so follow me in dayre (kim.n) for my daily update

fall sick end of December.. like really serious kinda sick
9 days fever..suspected dengue did 2 blood test total visit of 5 doctors (western & chinese)
Thanks God i'm recover!! really feel so thankful of being healthy again..
try to pick up cardio and jogging with hubby
i love that we can go jogging and exercise at night here in sg! lot of people do that so we join in
coz is safety and there's a jogging trail and exercise equipment just downstairs of our hdb..

so far we quite like the life here.. 
cooked a lot here so that we can have healthy home cooked tho actually eating out is actually cheaper 
i went Fairprice (Grocery retailer) so frequent! and today i finally make it to wet market..very aunty i know..
even feel extremely happy of getting this set of beautiful Meyer pot in red!
 but i enjoy it..coz i know once i start work i cannot have this kind of life anymore
so i treasure this moment as a housewife!
everything here is like half price (don't convert lar)! only when we try to live in other country we find out how cost of living in kl is so expensive! you're earning the same amount of money but the stuff are double the price..that's why many said is really hard to save money in kl as a normal white collar..

we not sure how long we will stay in sg again leave it to God
stay away from home mean lot to learn and find out how blessed we are.. no need to think what to eat what to cook, got maid to clean my room and toilet and when sick parent will cook whatever good for us and take care of us..
guess is really time for us to grow up as a family no longer under parent shelter..
no matter how as long as i have this guy with me i'll be alright!