November Wear

i have so many draft post but im not sure which to post so i come out with this new post
coz some are for my own record that i do not want to share some are for hubby and some are random rubbish post
i've started my daily post in still enjoying my blog of no follower with diff username
hehe coz i just write down whatever i want without much stress..
my current inspiration!
navy blue (full set)// grey (sweater, full set, skirt)// maroon // plaids print// crop sweater that look puffy  

below are outfit based on above inspiration board~ 
you must be seeing those picture in my instagram but here's the details of the clothes
Zara Top // Reverie Maroon Skinny // Sling bag from Chatuchak // shoe from H&M

plaids off shoulder top Bershka // ripped denim short (sis's own) // white flat from taobao 
my favourite of all
Navy crop top (Coming soon in ) Reverie // Plaids skinny Reverie // Zara Bag // H&M shoe

Emoda 3 pieces set (Coming Soon) Reverie // Zara Bag // T-bar flat Bangkok

and this! my favourite pieces of dress!
material is awesome, super comfy, and length is just nice for me
coming soon in Reverie too!
okie end this post with a shameless selfie! 
my laogong is coming back tonight~ im so happy~


  1. Emoda 3 pcs set vry nice on u btw I like ur shameless selfie most!haha..

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