Reverie April & May

Reverie is finally back
coz we found a reliable supplier that supplier better quality clothes and style *don't ask me who & where, thanks!*
i've been doing a lot of things at once! sometimes i really can't cope with all!
design, studio, reverie, owt luckily i always have back support from my lovely partner
as for Reverie my sister tien is the backbone
she is the one who reply mails, check stocks, and manage orders..
while me  in charge in choosing stocks, photoshoot and posting the parcel out!
the latest 2 collection bring really good response from most of our usual/new customers!
these are fews that are best seller!
Geek tee, actually im wearing it just to match with the polka dot pant but we started to get a lot of inquiries regarding this tee, so we decide to bring it in! and we sell more than 20 pieces of this simple yet chic t-shirt and still taking orders
the polka dot skinny is a to-die-for item, which is the most repeated pant in my wardrobe once i receive it..we sold many many pieces too till the factory stop producing it...
Another set of my favorite
the lace top with great details! the scallop hem is love! im so regret that i sold out the last piece that i planned to reserve for myself..
geometry print jegging, i love how it fit me.. and very comfy material~
Retro print mini dress
the material is awesome, im not lying! hehe..the pattern is actually embroidery

TGIF! have a great weekend!
God bless you~