Being Tourist- Macau part

finally have time to arrange the my hong kong trip photos..
i normally feel lazy to blog about travel so i used to have very summary kinda of blog post 
such as outfits, hauls and a little tourist stuff 
im not sure whether there is day 2 for this trip but see how the response..hehe
Our first night in Macau
 We stay at Sintra Hotel 
in Macau there's a lot of free shuttle travel around the city bringing tourist to casino or hotels 
so you can save some money in transportation 
 after we settle down we take a walk at the Senado Square where the main tourist spot located 
its just a 10 min walk from our hotel 
and our fist meal was this very awesome prawn egg wanton noodles (虾子云吞面) and seafood crab porridge  (螃蟹海鲜粥)
at 黄枝记面家 
it was so so good! and i dunno what else to describe
but i think im allergic to the crab my hand, ears and face were swollen the next morning 
the next day we when to Ruins of St Paul a must visit place in Macau
and Venetian Macau for sight seeing 
we take shutter bus there from our hotel as well which take 20 mins 
and not much there also hehe 
 Escada Restaurant @ Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro (San Ma Lou)
popular Portuguese restaurant in Macau but Slightly pricey
Portuguese Boiled Clams with Lemon, Olives & Coriander, Portuguese vegetables soup and Portuguese Baked Duck Rice
i personally think its rather salty...but worth trying
and we end our Macau trip with Margaret's Portuguese egg tarts
Edificio Kam Loi, Macau, China

Pretty Sunglasses from Jastars

Received this pretty sunnies from Jastars right after my trip from Hong Kong
Basic one in black that i can wear it in daily basis
i seldom brought sunnies online coz i have low nose bridge i can really wear heavy or big glass 
and honestly this suit me well

Me wearing it! nice?

The 3D flora with nice swirl on the side
just like an art pieces!! 
personally love the side design very much

i love it and planning to keep it for a photoshoot!

other than glasses Jastar do pre-order for clothes too
Check out their 


2013 的我决定不管如何一定要回去投票
还记得那一次Bersih 3.0我和一群教会朋友参加了游行
崔泪弹真的很崔泪, 老人小孩大人都被熏得很辛苦
回家看见有些人还说些风凉话, bersih 只是影响当天在那一带做生意的人
虽然我没贡献什么比起说有的volunteer 我不算什么 
还挑起马来西亚最敏感的种族课题 我这才知道1Malaysia 其实是大便
愿意塞好几个小时的车, 淋雨,席地坐在湿湿的草地上
高喊口号证明给那些人看: 够了!我们不是白痴不会再被你骗!
我们回到车上,交通是瘫痪 但是没有人埋怨
但是这里没有人像平常赛车没耐心的horn 个不停, 真的一个都没有!
很多男生malay,chinese, indian 都自愿到不同的路口去帮忙指挥交通
宁愿最后一个回家也没关系, 经过他们时摇下车窗 跟他们微笑说谢谢
source from Facebook

random fact:: 在我的instagram 上最多最多like 的竟然是
什么ootd, 什么selca 都比不上这张! 

Reverie April & May

Reverie is finally back
coz we found a reliable supplier that supplier better quality clothes and style *don't ask me who & where, thanks!*
i've been doing a lot of things at once! sometimes i really can't cope with all!
design, studio, reverie, owt luckily i always have back support from my lovely partner
as for Reverie my sister tien is the backbone
she is the one who reply mails, check stocks, and manage orders..
while me  in charge in choosing stocks, photoshoot and posting the parcel out!
the latest 2 collection bring really good response from most of our usual/new customers!
these are fews that are best seller!
Geek tee, actually im wearing it just to match with the polka dot pant but we started to get a lot of inquiries regarding this tee, so we decide to bring it in! and we sell more than 20 pieces of this simple yet chic t-shirt and still taking orders
the polka dot skinny is a to-die-for item, which is the most repeated pant in my wardrobe once i receive it..we sold many many pieces too till the factory stop producing it...
Another set of my favorite
the lace top with great details! the scallop hem is love! im so regret that i sold out the last piece that i planned to reserve for myself..
geometry print jegging, i love how it fit me.. and very comfy material~
Retro print mini dress
the material is awesome, im not lying! hehe..the pattern is actually embroidery

TGIF! have a great weekend!
God bless you~

5 May

Tomorrow is a important day to all Malaysian!
im so excited as a first time voter
i never have this kinda of urge to play this part of role as a Malaysian
remember the last election i was having road trip with uni friend in Malacca
don't understand why this people so 'semangat' travel all the way back to hometown to cast their vote
coz the result is gonna be the same one! the same old party is going to win why waste time
but this year is totally different story 
i'm heading back to JB to cast my vote catching with every election related news..
tho i have moved to KL years ago 
but when i change my ic address last year post office say i can no longer change my voting area for coming election
so i think is God's plan to have me going back to vote for the place i grown up 
no matter which party you supporting if you registered please go cast your vote k!
Im for sure supporting the Ubah Team! we need a change! 
im heading back later at 3am with my dad and come back straight after lunch...
tho it sound tiring but both of us are so excited for this special journey back home!