Monotone Room

Hi dear all this is a schedule post, i should be in Hong Kong now 
here a post about the new theme! 
time for a change after 2 month from the last theme
my obsession on monotone mood so got me this idea of transforming my room to black and white as well
so i start buying black bedsheet, cloth, collect quotes, and ideas from pinterest  
i dunno why i feel that tutu skirt have to hang there! hahaha
don't worry is on my side of bed (superstition) 
i also change all the photo frame to collage of black and white photos of ours..kinda like the outcome
this tree branches that i collect from the roadside, paint it white ,it turn out very nice!
and quotes! some i grab from the internet and some i design a main element for this theme
hubby love this theme the most 
less girly and more classy..
i personally love it very very much~ *run back to room and stare at it for 10min* haha
actually changing theme do not require much money all you need time and effort
this hobby gave me great satisfaction!
i'm lovin it!


  1. refreshing feel from your normal themes. somehow reminds me of piano. haha

  2. love this theme so much...i wish to repaint my wall..but impossible...

  3. Can I ask you to design my room haha!

  4. i love the room! <3
    new follower here ~

  5. Hi Kim,
    I am always fascinated on how you always change the theme of you bedroom so easily. Can you please write a post on tips and tricks to decorate a room? and how do you store all those items as I can see you have so many photo frames and other decorating stuff... haha


  6. Hi Kim,

    Just to say we have the same WHITE CLOCK ^_^
    Nice deco!

  7. I thought it was photos from the internet when I looked at the first sight!!

    I have always dreaming to have a room like this, the room is so beautifully decorated, you're so talented!!

  8. i love this theme!! Cool with a little Chic in it. Anyway were you studying Interior before? Your ID sense are good, i found new Interior lover now! :D

  9. you actually collected branches from outside?! that's incredible effort! lol. well done!!! & thanks for all the room inspirations.