The things

About my dressing table content..

Dolly Wink, Heavy Rotation, Cybercolor, Kate
each have different function and brush
i use heavy rotation on to draw on the eye lip and dolly wink for the sharp end..
ill use Dolly Wink to draw the shape of my brow
then apply heavy rotation eyebrow powder pen 
and finally the eyebrow mascara..

Skin care
Leneige is my favorite
from cleasing foam ->toner-> Mosturtizer-> Daycream
Pore Tighten Mask and Night Mask  twice a week

Skin Lotion
Rosken really work well on my super dry skin my leg become moisture 
sister-in-law got the olive handcream for me from korea and Eubos hand cream for better repair
trying to take good care of my hand.. coz the hubby once commented a lady hand tell her age..
Hair Oil
got this from taiwan, quite good for split end hair apply it once i blow dry my hair

Current Read..
haha so aunty right? 
btw on the left is the book to prepare me as a Sunday School Teacher not a mother yet 
and right a super awesome easy and fast! never have a book i look so detail and thorough

Life been really busy! lot of first time thingy happen this week
but Thanks God we have a lot of good helper and adviser around..
especially my family are super duper supportive, hope i wouldn't let them down


  1. I like ur dressing table ;) mine is in white too! but i prefer urs!! haha! I love laneige skin care too!especially their mask.btw,where can i get the cook book?popular?i got few cook book..but always lazy to read..hmm...bad wife..haha!

  2. Hi may I know what's the brand of your eyebrow mascara? And where can buy it. Thanks :)

  3. All the best to you kim! so happy for your achievement!

  4. The dressing table is full yet neatly arranged. And lovely! Love your post!
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  5. are they waterproof?