One Way Ticket Studio

Most of you who follow my instagram or one way ticket fb would know that we are in the midst of setting up the studio!
we have been looking for office beginning of the year 
meeting up agent, discuss, got chase to make decision, discuss again and we settle with this lot at One Puchong right after chinese new year 
and we get the key on 1st of March
the rental is very reasonable everyone are kinda shock when they heard how much is our rental
is a new area building are fairly new too
we are quite happy with the place
it been second week since we got the key
we achieve quite a lot this 2 weeks
painted, renovated, furnished and cleaned 
tho its just 1st stage on basic renovation but our goal to make it as flexible as we could so we can always make changes
 and i learned a lot of stuff within this 2 weeks!
how to deal with construction worker, suppliers, foreign workers, got my own contacts for renovation from painter, wiring man to random indo worker
fix furniture all by our own, carry furniture all the up just to save delivery cost..haha we are kiam like that

imagine carrying 2 car load of stuff to our studio at the highest floor

have our very first indoor photoshoot for maternity photography
indeed a very fun and enjoyable shooting session

and commercial shooting for the very first time too!!!
yes we have an area for studio lighting, fitting room and make up area..

i no longer look like this
i wear ugly tee, short with dirty slipper and messy hair everyday to office!
even my dad say i look so much!!?!
  but still learning to Thanks God in any situation!
all these are blessing~

Dare to dream and have faith
because God is trustworthy
don't give too big hope or expectation just do your best and surrender the result
that what i always remind myself
so i wouldn't be too stress while learning to depend on God rather than myself
so i can enjoy every moment growing and learning than worrying the result~


  1. Hi Kim,
    I'm Sophia. I wonder do you take family portrait shootings? :)

  2. u go girl! God bless you

  3. Congrats babe! All the best !

    & dont worry! you got baby face. haha

  4. Hi Kim,

    You have put in very great effort. May i know where is your shop location?

    P/S: May the god bless you always. Gambate =]

  5. god bless and all the best ya:)
    really happy to c another new milestone of your life:)

  6. Congratulations upon your new studio! :) Will you be doing anything to the bare floor though? ;)

  7. Congrats dear! really happy for this! visit u next time when i m bek mayb~!

  8. congrats!! really wanted to know how your shop look like.

  9. Congrats, I am reader of your blog. Love everything you designed and your outfit.Also, love the fact that you always thank God for everything ! Keep it up.

    Your blog reader,

  10. One more thing, could you share on how you started on being a free-lance and owning a studio? Always wanted to do this, but never have the guts too.. it will be inspirational if you could share :) -Lynn-