HK Station, Sungei Wang Plaza- My Favourite Look Campaign

Im gonna share with you one of my favorite place to shop here in KL
HK Station, Sungei Wang Plaza
i will go there to get especially when i didn't go to Bangkok for 3 months
coz i can't always afford Topshop or Zara or other brand so here is where i shop 
always go up straight to 6th floor by catching the lifts from the yellow/orange zone head to few of my favorite boutique and head home
that's why when i got this invite for a blogger advertorial for HKstationswp
i'm happy since i need a shopping fix and i'm so familiar with the place so i'm gonna do it right i think hehe..
i got lot of stuff from them since 4 years ago see here here here
so here how i spend my 1 hour there with RM200 to shop
i don't have any strategy just wish to get what i will wear and what i normally shop
then we had this simple photoshoot of what what we brought for this campaign at their fb page
HK Station has put together a Lookbook to showcase all the cool stuff you can get. You can check it out here.
My Favourite Look Campaign
 Left: from the retailer, and right is my coordinate! 
All the looks here were put together with under RM200! Click here to HK Station, Sungei Wang Plaza fb and vote me please!!
each bloggers are in their buys at hkstation go check out and vote your favorite look now~
You will stand a chance to win RM100 HK station shopping voucher!

so these are the shops that i never failed to visit!
my first stop -dot boutique, know the girl so i always got member price..haha so honored
love the style and the clothes they bring in mostly are exclusive pieces 
price range from RM50 to RM150
the owner pick the items all by herself..
and now they are having half price promo for all the items!!!i'm overjoy when i hear that..? 
but most of the items left 1 piece so you better go asap! got myself a print short here at 50% 
then Gallery 80's
nice shoe range and love their crop tops.. 
ya i look so happy here..
coz the lady in the shop here is very funny 
got a discounted heel to complete the look 
Then is this shop name MODO
two shop front and back 
they style is more bold and fun 
where i got the super bright neon tee! 
A Life Journey
another nice shop! 
other than nice boutique and good bargain
the floor is designed based on hongkong street 
the deco, signboard, wall print are nicely done
so you can take some pictures with you friends when you need a rest from shopping 
that me last year..
we did a simple photoshoot with the clothes we brought and another set of pictures from the retailer for
Remember to VOTE ME HERE
 Thanks in advance~

My love for Spring 2013

Most of you who read my blog know that im into black and white since last fw
and it's already spring..yet my monochrome fever is still on...
till last month i saw this trend lookbook from Topshop 
and i decide to add some color to my black and white outfit 
with bright color, graphic and stripes! so in love with this trend
just nice for spring right! not too colorful yet simple chic! 
source from
Here are some of the stuff i wish to get to achieve this look 
ZARA Neon Box Clutch
TOPSHOP Varigated Long Sleeve Crop Top
Topshop Pettie Roll Back Tee 
ASOS Shift Dress In Triangle Jacquard
of coz this is too pricey will try to find alternative dress with nice cut like that! 

My first attempt and what i score from Sungai Wang Hong Kong Station event
so happy to get the stripe pant so fitting and high waisted!
i try a few of stripe skinny last week either too loose on me or looking weird on me in Mango and Zara
but this turn out good and super affordable! 
and the neon coral tee i got is actually much brighter then the photo coz i accidentally tune down the color when editing..also another good bargain
will take outfit shoot tomorrow~ and more on Sungai Wang 6th floor shopping in next post! 
 what is your spring inspiration? 

One Way Ticket Studio

Most of you who follow my instagram or one way ticket fb would know that we are in the midst of setting up the studio!
we have been looking for office beginning of the year 
meeting up agent, discuss, got chase to make decision, discuss again and we settle with this lot at One Puchong right after chinese new year 
and we get the key on 1st of March
the rental is very reasonable everyone are kinda shock when they heard how much is our rental
is a new area building are fairly new too
we are quite happy with the place
it been second week since we got the key
we achieve quite a lot this 2 weeks
painted, renovated, furnished and cleaned 
tho its just 1st stage on basic renovation but our goal to make it as flexible as we could so we can always make changes
 and i learned a lot of stuff within this 2 weeks!
how to deal with construction worker, suppliers, foreign workers, got my own contacts for renovation from painter, wiring man to random indo worker
fix furniture all by our own, carry furniture all the up just to save delivery cost..haha we are kiam like that

imagine carrying 2 car load of stuff to our studio at the highest floor

have our very first indoor photoshoot for maternity photography
indeed a very fun and enjoyable shooting session

and commercial shooting for the very first time too!!!
yes we have an area for studio lighting, fitting room and make up area..

i no longer look like this
i wear ugly tee, short with dirty slipper and messy hair everyday to office!
even my dad say i look so much!!?!
  but still learning to Thanks God in any situation!
all these are blessing~

Dare to dream and have faith
because God is trustworthy
don't give too big hope or expectation just do your best and surrender the result
that what i always remind myself
so i wouldn't be too stress while learning to depend on God rather than myself
so i can enjoy every moment growing and learning than worrying the result~

Review:March Vanity Trove Beauty Box

Beauty box is such a hit 
various brand blooming on in the marketing, we are spoiled with choices!
Received this March beauty box from Vanity Trove few days ago..
yeah another beautiful surprises arrived on my doorstep! 
 Admire how much the effort they put in packaging 
vanity trove beauty box is a drawer-like-box 
i did packaging design so i know how much this can cost!!! 
 wrap nicely with paper
quite like these set of photos color..  
 booklet of the products and voucher!
Kanebo make up lession or make over! this really attract me! 
im going to have makeover once im done with the office renovation
i look a crazy women everyday running here and there never visit facial and salon for 2 month! how can right?! 
here card stated what are the products of the month, description and price

 Kanebo- Skin Fusing Powder Foundation
Timeless Truth-Orchid Extract Whitening Mask 
Asian Potions- Blooming Ginger Body Lotion
Etre Belle- Sensiplus Hydrasilk Gel Tonic and Day & night Cream
i haven't got the chance to try out the products yet 
beauty box really helps to introduce and discover new products
for my last beauty box we have this shampoo that we never heard or used before
once me and hubby finish the whole tester we decided go to the mall and buy the shampoo
so why not give yourself a try on new products every month!!! 

Go subscribe on their website! :) 

1) Sign up for an account and subscribe to the service on for the monthly subscription fee of RM60/- (inclusive of packing, shipping & handling fees) or choose the 3, 6, 12 months subscription options to get credits that goes towards redeeming a complimentary trove! 

2) Receive each month’s edition before the month starts. 

3) Receive the troves hand-delivered to you and enjoy the beautiful surprises within it! Try and share it with your beauty buddies.

I'm waiting for my April surprise already!

The things

About my dressing table content..

Dolly Wink, Heavy Rotation, Cybercolor, Kate
each have different function and brush
i use heavy rotation on to draw on the eye lip and dolly wink for the sharp end..
ill use Dolly Wink to draw the shape of my brow
then apply heavy rotation eyebrow powder pen 
and finally the eyebrow mascara..

Skin care
Leneige is my favorite
from cleasing foam ->toner-> Mosturtizer-> Daycream
Pore Tighten Mask and Night Mask  twice a week

Skin Lotion
Rosken really work well on my super dry skin my leg become moisture 
sister-in-law got the olive handcream for me from korea and Eubos hand cream for better repair
trying to take good care of my hand.. coz the hubby once commented a lady hand tell her age..
Hair Oil
got this from taiwan, quite good for split end hair apply it once i blow dry my hair

Current Read..
haha so aunty right? 
btw on the left is the book to prepare me as a Sunday School Teacher not a mother yet 
and right a super awesome easy and fast! never have a book i look so detail and thorough

Life been really busy! lot of first time thingy happen this week
but Thanks God we have a lot of good helper and adviser around..
especially my family are super duper supportive, hope i wouldn't let them down