Life After Married

Its been almost 8 months since we got married!
how times flies!!! a few church member who got married 1 or 2 months before me already pregnant and due date is next month!! hahha fast right?
anyway not so soon for us..
im not gonna talk about pregnant thingy here is about our life after married
Kinda enjoy everyday with his 阿ccompany
love that he never failed to give me a kiss before he left for work
love that we continue gchat in working hour everyday
love that i'm waiting him home excitedly in the evening
love that he wiling to drive home just to eat what ever i cook for lunch
love that we will have personal time for ourselves
love that we will at least talk a little before sleep
love that every weekend we have quality time spend with family
love everything!
we do quarrel over little things..maybe not quarrel.. it was me angry at him most of the times over little stuff
but he will always manage to make me laugh with his own way

This Valentine.. the in-laws were out for travels..
maid and sister were out to shop
so we are alone at home so we planned to cook a simple dinner this year
Main ingredient scallops, broccoli, bacon and spaghetti
Bacon salad with Japanese sesame dressing..
the dressing is magic! we love it so much~
after 1 hour battle in the kitchen finally our dinner is served
Scallop Aglio Olio and Bacon salad
after the dinner we have our movie session in the bed..
and call it a night!
no flowers, no gifts, just simple dinner and 2 of us..:)

March onward gonna start a new life!!!
so nervous..and dunno what lie ahead in future~will share more next month!
but as what i did previously i have to continue surrender everything to God..
for all this while how much blessing He had shower upon me..i should have faith and follow what His plan for me be it successful or failure it gonna be awesome experience and lesson in His plan

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.
Proverbs 3:5-6


My Chinese New Year in the nutshell.. 
Reunion Dinner with the family
Grand Palace @ Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
part of the food..not bad tho 
outfit of the night..haha ignore my ugly mouth
bejeweled cut in top- Bangkok
Peplum Skirt- Zara
Studded Clutch- Topshop
Studded Flat- Zara
CNY Day 1
visiting at ney's family 
met the girl for 1st time she such a cutie!
 keep singing the same old new year song to me repeat dunno how many times
im wearing this 
Bangkok Designer top (my favorite top)
coral bodycon from Taiwan

CNY Day 2
back my mum place
tho we stay very near we packed stuff and went back home for a night stay
didn't manage to take photos with family tho..haih~
playing with my cousin's bunnies
so cute and fluffy!!! 
CNY Day 3
friends come to visit.. no picture again..
cook a simple lunch and manjong session
then went to mall for some props sourcing 
this new year is like a honey moon for us
just us at home sleep till noon, eat, watch drama and movie together
My favorite top 
Red sling bag-Bangkok
transparent sandal-Bangkok

CNY Day 4
Geometry gold and black sweater- Bangkok
Quilted Shorts- Bangkok
and valentine we spend at home as well..haha
will blog it in next post..
craving for 麻辣noodles at Paradigm Mall..
Crop sweater- Reverie
Checker short- reverie 
Studded flat-Zara

Last saturday brunching with baby ping
she look so pretty in her new short hair right??!

so regret for didn't manage to buy the cheongsam im eyeing for
next year im gonna wear cheongsam!!
and take more photos with family and friend~~
new year in city is such a boring and quiet..gonna plan a roadtrip next year as well..haha
for sure your new year is more fun than mine right??
still having post-holiday symptom?

Chinese New Year Haul

have you shop much for cny?? 
this year i shop quite a lot coz i've been travelling oversea last month 
so just nice for me to collect new clothes for cny 
ya i know right..all black
Studded flat -Taiwan, pointed heel-Sungai Wang
houndstooth flat-Bangkok, Zara Studded flat with ankle strap- Taiwan
i got this zara flat on sales in Taiwan!! and last piece in my size...
is like half the price here!!! super good deal~~~
new clothessss
yup mostly black as well! haha
ill wear red tonight for reunion dinner and tomorrow
then the pastel or the white one first then ill back to black mode!hahha got plan some more..
All from Taiwan and Bangkok...
First year celebrating with hubby family..i decorated the house with some 对联and flower
 the cny mood is rather low here
they are working today will only be back for re-union dinner
we will have dinner in the restaurant ..tomorrow goi no where..
then the in-law will going to for their annual trip and be back on chu 6
and ill be going back to my mum place on chu 2!!! yeah~~~
the most looking forward event this new year!haha..

Hope you have a great time spending with your family and friends!!!!
Blessed Chinese New Year

Giveaway winner annoucement & BKK outfit

Sorry for late dear all who comment on the previous blog for giveaway
im so busy with all the works that have to complete before cny!
don't even have time to get ready for our first cny as a married couple..
 thanks for all the response!! i read every comment carefully!!

1.bnana lady 2.XCB 3.sher 4. kumiko 5.sching 6.ivy k 7.cherish baby 8.kharn yee 9.yingying 10.jolie 11.catherine 12. miss mellisa 13.daphne 14.singrui 15.chermaine 16.jing 17.mandy 18. akijay 19.xiaowen 20.linda 21.mery 22. ilovepolkadots 23.carmen 24.amelia 25.jess 26.prisong 27.Alice 28.kk 29.maykuan 30.see reena 
to be fair i would not choose the winner myself everyone is given a number and the lucky one is choosen by

I hope you can share your photography tips, I love all the photos you take, especially about the room decorations. So, also please have more decorations post, they inspire me to renovate my room. hehe. BTW, seem that your Taipei trip is so fun, their stuffs are mostly less then RM100? I want to have a shopping haul at there too! xD Thank you for the share, I love your blog. I also love your giveaway so much and I hope I am lucky to be the winner.

and here are the list i compile from all the comments..
style and daily outfits (doing it already, but need to be more consistent) , daily make up and hair (soon!), decorate your entire home (never own the entire house!!haha), good bargains(sure..if i found any), skin care tutorial, married's lifestyle, how to become a successful wife(hshahaha! i can never be!), design artworks, know more about One way ticket

thanks all i'll try to be a better blogger! you girls inspired me to write more~
im featured in Vivi Malaysia Februady issue, blogger spotlight column!! 
so honored!!! and feel that i do not deserve this..

you should know that i just got back from bangkok
i've been there dunno how many times..lazy to count
main purpose is to take stock and buy new year clothes for myself..
usually i go with empty luggage with makeup essential and skin care
and back with 2 big luggage filled with pretty clothes!!
Crop sweater with ruffle bottom, Reverie
Checker short, Reverie
clutch, taiwan and best purchase ever the transparent sandal 

it go well with every outfit!! 
 outfit to chatuchak market
its hot and crowded there so this jumper is the best choice from Reverie too!
again same sandal..haha
sis tien cute outfit that i match for her
crop checker shirt with crochet collar, Reverie
navy corduroy pocket romper, Reverie
in love romper!! saw a few singapore blogshop selling it ..
Topshop crochet shirt+ polka dot corduroy jumper
details!both available in Reverie soon~
comfy outfit prepare for flight
stripe crop top, Reverie + leather jegging, Taiwan

and our favorite food in this entire trip
Coco Japaneses Curry Rice, Siam Paragon
and my must have dessert in bkk, we had it twice this time
After you honey toast
this is valentine edition..i love you toast
i still prefer the normal toast tho

tomorrow is 除夕already!! 
haven't buy gift for parent, haven't withdraw money for our 1st angpao giving year
not even clean my room!!! 
but i'm do not have hometown to go so i guess ill clean it on cny ahha 

to you who going back have a safe trip and drive carefully k
May God bless you~~
Happy Chinese New Year to all!!!

Proper outfit post

So happy to received this pretty dress from SherlyTwenty3's owner and who happen to be my client too
I did her site design since she first started and now Twenty3 move to a e-commerce platform..
This is how i play with the dress..
matching with gold foil short (Liberty Sho,bkk) and lace up boots (Taobao)
loving the cut in design of the dress

More feminine look 
The length of the dress is just nice for a short person like me
 perfect match with her wishlist's transparent clutch and my H&M platform! 

pictured by hubby ming
Hope you like the photos too~ 
Twenty3 sell lotsa pretty dresses like this!go check out now~

Thanks blogshop owner for willing to sponsor me pretty clothes,I appreciate that very very much.