Winter Coordinate

 The weather here is just nice 
around 17 - 20c everyday so i can wear a simple sweater or a normal outwear out to work
i option for comfy outfit since i follow hubby to work so i can't overdress 

 Sweater (got it here for RM42 only)
velvet high waist pant
 H & M outwear and tube scraf
maroon long top
boots, with h&m glitters sock
 outing day 
fur sweater & gold foil short
Mini dress with jewel collar , legging and silver gilters sock
 Weekend outfit to visit my aunty at Jiayi
H&M sweater, glitters sweater and daisy collar shirt from Bangkok, leather shirt Sis Tien's, tattoo legging
there are more outfit photos but i'm gonna keep it for next post..:)
part of the hauls here..
i love everything here in taiwan! 
will bring some souvenir back to you my lovely reader! A giveaway!
gimme some ideas what should i buy for you~


  1. Ah... I really love ur clothes, ur style. It's all very good fr mix n match! :) enjoy ur days there!

  2. Nice outfit! Where do you get the tattoo legging? :)

  3. I'm quite interested with your bad??
    brand & where to get it?? haha ^^

  4. How about tatoo legging as a gift ?


    Nice outfit ~~ :>

  5. ya tatoo legging would be great! mask oso not bad! hahah i sound very greedy

  6. buy accessories!!! or things that people who can't fit into your size can use too.. *shifty look*

  7. I like all your outfit arrrrr especially your grey jacket!!!!!

    M going Japan soon! Need some inspiration on winter clothes! Terima kasih for you post,

  8. that flat is fierce!!!where can we get it here in KL?

  9. dearie...u look so Great as usual !!! Enjoy very much ya, happy for u~ Btw, miss u so much d...

  10. Love all your outfits!! Bring in the Mini Dress with Jewel Collar for Reverie ((:

  11. looking good! have fun there! i love taiwan