Great Bargain X Giveaway!

This is a post of great bargain but im gonna start with the not-so-great one
A few colleague highly recommend this cafe to us before we head to taipei
they say is a must try so we went there at 3pm and planing to have high tea..
but the cafe was so packed and people were waiting outside..
they said we can only make a reservation at 630pm
so i thought since it's really worth waiting and we can go shopping within that 
after 3 hour loitering in the mall finally we were seated happily..
 and the famous honey toast is served!!
very meh.. toast is hard..and normal bread without taste and dry..we can't finish it at all
mentaiko spaghetti was ok..
and here come the great bargain 
Deer sweater=RM30!!
last piece items i grab from a random stall other stuff in that stall cost RM50++
Army green sweater=RM69! really thick type! 
Thick Beige Sweater =RM35
Stocking=RM3.90 (hahhahaha) 
suddenly turn into budget girl in taiwan..haha
wording sweater=RM35
Denim shirt=RM29
Leather skinny=RM45 
(little expensive but the material and cutting very nice) 
and this leather skirt not from taiwan but my sister got me at RM25 only 

and my lifetime great bargain= a great husband! haha

so now giveaway time!!!
not something great just some other bargain i got from taiwan..
tattoo legging since most of you asking about it and masks..
here's how to win this!
1. just answer this question below 
what would you wish to read/ know in
and reply it in comment in this post!

winner will be pick on 4th February
oh ya please provide me your email address so i can contact you~

Most Happiest Theme so far

New theme for new year! 
Most colorful theme so far~ feel so happy to wake up every morning
the tassels banner actually create a kind of wave Crashing Beach sound effect when we on the fan
oh ya me and my sister just created a site to sell our pre-love items~
check out here


Yummy Taiwan

Im back! kissing the land of summer! 
i miss wearing short and sleeveless top already! but i still love Taiwan for many reason for food, people, weather and everything 

the last time i dress up for winter is like so many years ago when my father was transferred to Beijing and we had spend our 2 month school holiday there for 3 years
dressing for winter is such a fun.. you can go from layer to layer other than keep yourself warm and be stylish at the sometimes..
Shopping in Taiwan is fun and cheap
i love those small boutique hiding along the night market especially 师大夜市
 tops i brought..didn't buy any bottoms coz its too thick to wear here 
 one of the items i got from Joyceshop
i've been buying from them for years so once hubby confirm to be in Taiwan for a month i straight away go order stuff from them..:) 
 so below are the good food i had in Taiwan..and i wish to share with you
just like our bak kut teh but it have more hebs taste
Address: 台北市士林大東路49號(@士林夜市文林路”飛來發彩券行”旁大南路進入續行→右轉大東路)

 士林夜市超人氣 好朋友涼麵
i had it first time from the first visit and it was really good but super long queue
their 臭豆腐 is good too! 
Address: 台北市士林區大南路31號
 My favorite in shilin!!!! just like 卤味but this is way nicer!!
Address: 台北市士林區基河路128號(士林海洋館)
 ate this every time to take high speed train
 My Favorite snack
Calbee Jagabee
very tradisional restaurant serve original chinese steamboat, i love it so much!!
380NT per person 
Address: 高雄市鹽埕區大勇路76巷8號
 Turkey Rice

farewell dinner with colleague  麻辣and winter are such a perfect match! 
Strawberry! RM10 for a big box!! and super sweet~
i finish 2 box all by myself!!

go eat it on my behalf you happen to visit Taiwan!
okie now im so hungry!!! 
i've got you something too as what i promise in previous post but still thinking how to gift it...

Winter Coordinate

 The weather here is just nice 
around 17 - 20c everyday so i can wear a simple sweater or a normal outwear out to work
i option for comfy outfit since i follow hubby to work so i can't overdress 

 Sweater (got it here for RM42 only)
velvet high waist pant
 H & M outwear and tube scraf
maroon long top
boots, with h&m glitters sock
 outing day 
fur sweater & gold foil short
Mini dress with jewel collar , legging and silver gilters sock
 Weekend outfit to visit my aunty at Jiayi
H&M sweater, glitters sweater and daisy collar shirt from Bangkok, leather shirt Sis Tien's, tattoo legging
there are more outfit photos but i'm gonna keep it for next post..:)
part of the hauls here..
i love everything here in taiwan! 
will bring some souvenir back to you my lovely reader! A giveaway!
gimme some ideas what should i buy for you~

Being Alone

I reach taiwan and today i follow hubby ming to work
remember the day i was so scare to be alone? read here
and how awkward to stay with in-law family on my own..
 all these ended up very fast and i was actually enjoy being alone fully occupied by work
running around the town alone get things done..
im not that weak afterall..more independent than i think used to think
and my in-laws treat me so good and kind, i think better than when husband is awkwardness at all!!
thru these 2 week i learn to be independent and build better relationship with my husband family..
Thanks God!!

i got to spend new year with my favorite people, my favorite beer, japanese food and yummy ice-cream
she stay at my place overnight.. we have great sharing and pillow talk
she is the sweetest/kind/helpful person i've ever met
i always thanks God for her she is such an angel to all of us!

i spend most of time preparing 2 shooting and finish up urgent design job
light pink and mint 
first shooting last last week,
my client love to choose mint dunno why but is good for me coz i have lotsa mint color stuff
 another shooting from last saturday 
always wanted to do this vintage swing and can't imagine we really got it done!
big thanks to my awesome paw-some mummy!!when i told her i have to wanted to do this
she ask her staff to paint and nail the seating board and check youtube on how to tied a safe knot 
all i need to do is to climb the tree and make sure it's safe~hahha 
yes i'm a crazy girl when come to shooting..i wear ugly tee, glasses with naked face
climbing hill and tree runing around to get things done correctly..
i enjoy it! and its all worth when the outcome turn out good~
 whenever i saw the swing i Thanks God for my mum!
i love you~

traveling to Taiwan
i brought my work along with me to Taiwan
since hubby will be working so ill spend my day on my work as well
and maybe explore the city on my own for 1 or 2 days
when i'm alone i normally walk super fast! 
despite carrying heavy luggage and wearing layers of clothes..
i just walk like rushing for big business hahah
i downloaded few movies but i spend most of the time sleeping in the plane and train

and im not alone anymore~
coz i meet my love..

hopefully i do not need to write part 2 hahaha if you got what i mean~ 

Throwback 2012

2012 was great! and here come 2013
i started my 2013 with really pack and busy schedule, hope this is a good sign...
 will be away to Taiwan then follow by bkk all in January..

Thanks God for such a great year, almost 1 and half year i quit my formal job
being a freelancer is fun and risky at the same time
but i'm amaze how God bring me thru and how much i've learn throughout the year
with my an unstable income we still manage to get married! 上帝的恩典够用!
i hope this last and i really wish to be a mother as a freelancer too!
 hahah so i can take care my baby on my own! btw if only God allow

setting up One Way Ticket with my beloved partnes~
tho we are new but these beautiful couple are wiling to give us a try!! 

Pre-wedding photoshoot took in March

Got married in June!
Honeymoon in July
find my new hobby! 

and serving as a choir member and sunday school teacher in church~
i've grow mentally, physically and spiritually with God words
i am ready to facing the new challenge in 2013
Happy new year to you~

The unfailing love of the LORD never ends! By his mercies we have been kept from complete destruction. Great is his faithfulness; his mercies begin afresh each day. I say to myself, "The LORD is my inheritance; therefore, I will hope in him!"
Lamentations 3:22-24