My Weekend

I hardly remember the weekend i can stay in relax and chill 
since we got married..all our weekend is occupied mostly work then business trip then church activities
so here's a sum up of what im busy with 
big part of it is One Way Ticket
we are grateful and surprise inquiries and booking keep coming in slowly
most of the couple prefer to have the shoot on weekend or public holiday
Yee Pin & Geraldine
we had the shoot done in Malacca..we try sometime different or should i say OWT way rather than typical malacca street look
Then Yee Pam & Jeff

 and we help our friend Lucas for The One Concert Video
no more smooth/romantic shooting but action, dancing, and commercial 

never thought we can make it thru!!
then i do some modelling for other Blogshop
 Sometimes i also work as a make-up artist
for the meantime i only provide services for friends.. or onewayticket customer
not gonna make it big part of my job that's why im not sharing any portfolio..

Recently One way ticket venture into actual day Videography too
here a video we shoot for lovely Yisin...

and we did product photography!

haha this post ended up like a portfolio

this year is full of wedding to attend..
and most of the wedding require travel..but its all worth to share the joy with them
in JB for vivan's wedding
and recently Kelantan one
then church family camp and youth camp
my weekend are so wonderful huh..
November have no booking or plan on weekend!
yay to carefree weekend..but the poor boy got to work on saturday...
I'm gonna spend my saturday with my family and friend!!
come date me!!


  1. :) got business is good!~
    and KC&yisin video is really lovely. very touching too. I personally love Yisin's work a lot! :)

  2. i like ur shoes. mind telling me where you bought it from?

  3. i like your make-up! always looks very natural one..mind to make a make-up tutorial for us- the readers? hehehehe

  4. ya make up tutorial please!

  5. where can i get the elephant note 2 cade :p

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  7. ms. bulat: Thanks babe! ya yisin is a very talented girl!

    LHH: thanks so much!

    Anonymous: the last picture? its from Zara

    tehoo & anonymous: hehe i actually shoot one but reluctant to show it here..

    Hoyoyi: you can get it here!