Medium Hair Inspiration- Ena Matsumoto

 I mention that i will cut my hair short right after all the married thing is over in this post
but i give up the idea of having the very boycut hair in the post coz sister tien already had that hairstyle and i don't think ill look good in that..
but for sure i'm going to cut short my long, boring and dry hair
and i decided to have Ena Matsumoto's hair coz i love her style so much!
she always go for simple and edgy style and everything look so good on her!!
and her hair is what i'm looking for! short but still can style or tie up easily!

how come so pretty!! i can go bang wall liao..
this was the photo i show my hair stylist..i just want the length
and ill do the curl myself..but i have yet to acheive that kinda curl she has..:(

left: the 1st attempt by the hair stylist.. look bit aunty for me and i don't like it..
right: i mess up the curl so i put a hair band to cover everything haha

left: then going for mature look only curl in the end..
middle:  and the safest way is to tie everything up!
right:i think her face is so small so she look good with fringe up..

and too lazy to do all the curly and stuff and this is how i normal hor? haih

more inspired hairstyle from her.. 
gonna try that curl again tml..wish me luck


  1. it looks nice babe:)
    i always wonder how you guys keep your fringe. i alwys itch to cut it short after a while

  2. lovely hair ..simple n nice.....i wonder what is the hair color... ??

  3. you look so pretty kim! you look young and fresh!

  4. looks pretty in short hair too :) easy to take care of it . anyway , wish u luck :D teehee !

  5. i told myself that i will cut my hair short after my graduation but i keep procrastinate! cuz i can't find a suitable hairstyle.
    after i read this post, i think i found what i want. thanks! :D
    and u look prettier with short hair

  6. @ms.bulat Thanks dear!!! ya there always this period u cannot tahan then after that you will overcome this

  7. Kim! i like your new look! new hairstyle! like the last pic the most <3

    Btw, what is the brand of contact lens u r wearing? Where can i get this kind of lenses? they looked so natural!! Thanks for sharing :)

  8. @Anonymous thanks babe!!!i oso dunno what color ler..

  9. @Sabrinareally? my sisters say i look older..*cry*

    @AMeeThanks! ya easy to take care..

    @Rachelle Yengreat!! faster go cut!!haha

    @AnonymousThanks babe! i'm not sure but i check out and let u know k coz its sponsor by my friend optical shop for my wedding..:)