My room my nest (20% discount on canvas printing)

Today i'm sharing my nest that i spend most of my time!
i only out of the room for meal..

the wardrobe and computer area that i never blog about
 we have l-shape 4 door wardrobe and chest drawer to keep the clothes..luckily still enough

pc i wish our pc is white rather than boring black
we just got 2 proper chair but too bad are in black also, wonder why so hard to find a nice and pretty office chair.
spot the drawing on top of the pc? a wedding gift from hubby's talented colleague!! 

the girly area..wonder what the YG mean?hahha its actually our client name

the details

our wedding theme corner before enter the bedroom

  red for the wedding..:) i don't want those traditional  silky red bed sheet tho i know its super comfy
rather than big typical wedding photo hang on top of the bed i option for small canvas with matching theme wedding photos..
  and a framing wall with more pictures..

dressing table rather than hanging the all the canvas i place one of my favorite photos on the table too..

random details

wondering where to get your canvas printed???!?!?
here a good news for you...exclusive only for kiminpink's readers!!
i got my canvas printed by Breathing Color
a brief about the canvas..
- Print on award-winning Breathing Color Lyve™ Canvas.
- Eye-popping color gamut and dmax.
- Archival certified for 100+ years.
- Museum grade

i must say the color is really pretty and radiant!!
i love it so much..

 other than printing photos you can actually print artwork/quote/or your digital art to hang on the wall as part of the deco for your room!!
i'm gonna print this next!! to match with the next theme for my room..

i can even customize the design for you if you wish! of coz extra design charges..
 great wedding gifts, birthday/anniversary gift to your love ones! so here the deals!
20% discount only you!! even i don't entitled any discount on my purchase! you guys are lucky!
 and there's a lot of size for you to choose!!

to purchase please email
for pricing and quote "kiminpink" to entitled 20% discount!


  1. you have a beautiful room! must be very blissful to sleep in every night:)
    and thats a very cute drawing (the one at the computer table)
    I thought the black comp and chairs for now kinda gives contrast (cause of your current red and black theme) haha

  2. Your room is so pretty! can I opt you as my room designer too!!! Lovely!

  3. Where did you get your vanity table? I'm hunting for white one but couldn't get a desired one. :/

  4. so pretty!!! what size is your canvas btw?

  5. omg ! ur room look so dreamy :) so much love ! just in heaven ! all white <3

  6. you both are such a sweetheart! The picture really lift up the mood in the room!

  7. May I know where did you get the white mailbox?

  8. ms bulat: ya that was a wedding gift by my hubby's have vy sharp eye!!! hahhaha thanks dear!u gimme an idea to the red & black theme to the comp room next month

    ginny: the vanity table is custom made one.. i oso cant find a suitable one for small room so we opt for carpenter to made it according to our design

    anonymous: hi! my canvas is 9"!

    Eivin: thanks eivin, but im sure heaven is way better than this!

    sabrina: Thanks dear sabrina..:)

    anonymous: me and my bro diy it..:) hehe

  9. hey (: may i know where u got the "DREAM" picture hanger thing? (: its really pretty! or issit DIY? if its DIY, may i know how you did it please? thanks in advance!

  10. your new canvas is really nice! can't wait for see your new theme!

  11. Your room also nice guo ren~
    super like!

  12. Wow the drawing above the 2 pc picture,does your hubby's friend provide service for drawing them too? that's nice! and I love the way you decor your room!

  13. Love your idea for canvas! i saw some in typo but designs are limited

  14. anonymous: we got that from Bali..:) not diy ya not that pandai yet!

    alice: thanks!!

    sharon: i spend a lot of time there mah.. so have to nice a bit if not like staying in jail..

    T.B: erm..i not sure about hubby say probably not coz he only do it for friends..

    anonymous: yes! i got my idea from there too!

  15. hi.. may i know where u got the drawer separator? thanks

  16. Hi, may i know where u get the Hi Tea tray that on ur dressing table?

  17. Your shots are so adorable; I love seeing the decor of your home. Also, you have really darling fashion! :)