My room my nest (20% discount on canvas printing)

Today i'm sharing my nest that i spend most of my time!
i only out of the room for meal..

the wardrobe and computer area that i never blog about
 we have l-shape 4 door wardrobe and chest drawer to keep the clothes..luckily still enough

pc i wish our pc is white rather than boring black
we just got 2 proper chair but too bad are in black also, wonder why so hard to find a nice and pretty office chair.
spot the drawing on top of the pc? a wedding gift from hubby's talented colleague!! 

the girly area..wonder what the YG mean?hahha its actually our client name

the details

our wedding theme corner before enter the bedroom

  red for the wedding..:) i don't want those traditional  silky red bed sheet tho i know its super comfy
rather than big typical wedding photo hang on top of the bed i option for small canvas with matching theme wedding photos..
  and a framing wall with more pictures..

dressing table rather than hanging the all the canvas i place one of my favorite photos on the table too..

random details

wondering where to get your canvas printed???!?!?
here a good news for you...exclusive only for kiminpink's readers!!
i got my canvas printed by Breathing Color
a brief about the canvas..
- Print on award-winning Breathing Color Lyve™ Canvas.
- Eye-popping color gamut and dmax.
- Archival certified for 100+ years.
- Museum grade

i must say the color is really pretty and radiant!!
i love it so much..

 other than printing photos you can actually print artwork/quote/or your digital art to hang on the wall as part of the deco for your room!!
i'm gonna print this next!! to match with the next theme for my room..

i can even customize the design for you if you wish! of coz extra design charges..
 great wedding gifts, birthday/anniversary gift to your love ones! so here the deals!
20% discount only you!! even i don't entitled any discount on my purchase! you guys are lucky!
 and there's a lot of size for you to choose!!

to purchase please email
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Honey Moon @ Amana Villas Seminyak Bali

We decide our honeymoon destination right after we decide our wedding date
we want somewhere not so far and just for relaxing coz we will be very tired after the wedding 
so Bali it is a few hour flight and a good villa with private pool, spa, massage and quiet time together
very new and modern villas in Seminyak
the package include airport transfer and the driver is a very friendly Balinese he handed us cold towel, mineral water right after we are seated and ipod for us to select our preferred music to listen through the journey
Entrance of the villas..very modern and minimalist design!
we were brought to our waterfall villa by the butler

and a short tour about the villa
is a double story villa living and dining on the upper level while bedroom and toilet at the lower area..
waterfall villas is special of its water feature, relaxing flowing water sound from pool to the bedroom on the lower floor
you can even set the waterfall timing..for example you can option to sleep with the water flowing sound..

living area..dvds are available for rental and ipod with docking system playing our favorite music

outdoor bath tube with flower arrangement!

and also on the bed! they even left a lovely notes there for us!

after the tour we were greeted by the welcome desert and drink..
the villas use a lot of serai for the toiletries, drink and massage oil

they emphasis on details too..our name were printed everywhere
we spend the rest of our 1st day swimming, dvds, nap
follow by a walk in the evening so that they can do the setting for our candlelight dinner at the poolside

and we were back with all the deco done..dining table, barbecue stove
candle and flower everywhere, classical music played.. so romantic! like a dream..

our butler was busy send us food and drink  helping us take photos and entertain us at the same time!

us..with our food..:) 

our 4-course candlelight dinner
i skipped the photo of the soup coz we don't like it..
prosciutto & melon for hubby and ceasar salad for me
Lobster & seafood platter and grilled steak as main course
and tiramisu and transitional bali dessert 

we ended our first night with a good wine

Sisters day out

 gotta delay the honeymoon post i havent had time to arrange all the pictures..

is a bliss to have a sister to go shopping with you..
i'm gonna miss the time having her my weekday partner to visit the mall
she's leaving to Sabah for study! i've no reason, no one to shop with me on weekdays!

 outfit before married..hahah..seems like long time i never post outfit pictures here..
White shirt with lace back: taiwan, flora short: Zara, flat: Bkk, cluth: Sister
one awesome thing to have sisters..we shares!
 oh ya i cut my hair shorter a week before the wedding at 76style! 

always wanted to go after reading cheesie, audrey, bobo and huiwen's blog!
had my hair colored to darker shade, shorten the lenght and did their famous Prosynergy treatment it was so so good!!! so different from the treatment i did previously...
my hair become so healthy and smooth and most important thing it last! it really do!
Dress: dotz boutique, sungai wang
loving this dress since last 2 month when i saw it online in a korea site
also have a bodycon skirt with same print but it was too big for me..
but this dress just fit so well for a petite like me
happy with our buys! a reward to myself for all the wedding preparation!

Most important day of my life

 Its been 2 weeks!
sorry for lack of update..i'm still adjusting my lifestyle as a wife and daugther-in-law
so far so good.. i spend my daytime alone working as usual
sometimes i wake up early to prepare breakfast for hubby (trying to be a good wife) after he goes to work i continue my sleep..haha darn lazy
then we will have dinner at home with the family or with my family..
is blissful they treat me like a princess
hubby will always come back right after his work to keep me accompany..
in-laws will always check whether do i have my lunch..
maid will always sneak in to our room to do all the cleaning when im having meal downstair tho i told her not to coz i can do it myself..
my mum will always call to ask me home or ask me out for lunch..
feel so loved!
so here a little on the actual day..

right: having hard time to decide what necklace should i pair with the gown..till my mom got me this diamond cross tho it look bit plain but i think its meaningful to me
left: his bow tie and corsage..

little props for the wedding..
i do not want those classic candle stand with flower thingy so i do my own base with ikea candle.
our door gift..and tumbprint guest so lucky to found this thumbprint ink exactly my theme color online like 2 days before and the owner is efficiently enough to sent me immediately
the photobooth props.. i have no chance to have pictures taken at the photobooth! sad..but i hope my guest are having fun with it
the moment i feel like a daddy-girl touching and thankful that my dad is willing to walk me down the aisle, coz he's not a Christian at 1st i told him this he refuse 
i'm so amaze how God works..thru the wedding i feel that my dad really love and care of me
and now i have better relationship with him 
thanks papa
our bestmans and bridesmaids
we got the bridemaids pretty tutu and ask them to have fun matching with any tops 
with a theme color sasha on waist, bow on the hand and my handmade color-sand filled heartshape glass stick
for the bestmans we got them white and mint polo tees match with handmade bow and pair with grey pant
hehe..i want them to look young and fun..
a group photos with my flower boy and girl..:)
thanks so much for the helps dear all!
hubby is having his speech before the ceremony end..
 i'm so emotional that day i started to cry when my father hand me to ming
then another crying when hubby started his speech..and continue crying when i saw my parent is tearing then can't stop crying when i hug my mum when we handover the gifts to them..
and all my make up melts~~~
  thanks everyone who came to witness our important day and thanks for all the blessing and help throughout the ceremony
Thank God for all the blessing its not the end we know
we have way to go to learn and help each other in the marriage life..
Thanks hubby for all everything to make this happen im a fussy wife i want to do everything by my own and get stress up easily but you always there to comfort me and gives support 
this is a beautiful memories~

next will be the honey moon trip!