Wear Black Support Media Freedom

have you wear Black to support Press Freedom today?
joined #Bersih 3.0, it was last min plan..coz we planned to go JB months ago to give out invitation card and meeting old friends.. but me and the boy decide to stay and go to the rally 
you might think this is waste of time or something silly but what we want is just a free and fair elections that is and we're not there to support any political parties..so Thankful and no regret that i went..
at least i know how scary is tear gas, how Malaysian united together and helping each other rather than running for own life and safety, how perpetrators and opposition hijack this ought to be peaceful rally and how our police work and of coz how the government control over media
so i'm in all black to support Press Freedom Day~
tho i don't have the yellow ribbon..
Aztex print vest, black skinny and box bag all from Reverie
accessories in black too~ 
loving the sheer back
Favorite shoe at the moment despite the fact that its no so comfy
Pony hair with gold chain..
Here come another hectic weekend~
God bless you


  1. So proud of you! i thought girls like you wouldn't care what's happening out there in the street!

  2. I have never commented on your blog but I just felt that I have to today. You have very good fashion sense which I absolutely love! Even when you are fighting for press freedom! You are one of the biggest inspiration of my fashion!

  3. i like the shoes so muchie ...hehe..btw,i miss the bersih 3.0 because that day was my first day of final exam...gosh...

  4. you totally rock that outfit! love it!

  5. Amazing look! share with us where you get inspiration? or how you mix and match!!

  6. Nice hair color! how often you dye your hair?

  7. Where did you buy the shoes? :(

  8. Love your outfit as usual ESP ur shoes. Mind to share where u got it ? ;)

  9. just found your blog.
    love it ♥ following you now
    mind to follow back?

  10. hey kim. sleep early.. i realize that your eyelid kinda 'drop'
    u need an expensive eye cream :p

  11. hi dear! where you got the shoes from ! they're reallly pretty :)

    xoxo, www.sundaesins.blogspot.com