All White

spare some times out to blog..
i miss my free time watching drama, doing nothing
my house is under renovation right now.. i can't even have a piece of mind..
and i'm have migraine quite often nowadays, will only feeling better after vomiting, not sure if this normal?!

so i sneak out for some fresh air with the boyfriend on weekday which is very rare
as usual he's facing the macbook and me busy camwhore..hehe
then now food time..
Asian-Style Golden Softshell Crab, The Loaded Club Sandwich and B's Chocolate Cake
loving the chemical bottle deco
i like dropy eyelash hehe..small eye obsession..
going for very simple and basic outfit and color..
full white with black accessories..
White high-waisted short with flair lining and Topshop crop tee (bf grey cardi)
This gonna be the longest fridge that i ever had..nothing much i can do with this boring hairstyle so i'm considering to cut it off..
these are all my hair style idea..Source
basically just swap here and there..hehe
favorite hair cuff  from sheabelle
end with a picture of my favorite boy

i realize i'm very emotionally especially when i'm really stress up 
Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, Rejoice. Let your reasonableness be known to everyone. The Lord is at hand; do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.
Philippians 4:4-6

Blessed weekend..

Minor update

There's tons of stuff to settle for weddings
but both of us are quite busy with works..we don't even have a weekend to sit down and discuss about the wedding stuff last whole month..
So we decide to stop taking in projects especially those that required to work on Saturday on June so we concentrate..
if i have a choice i will not have dinner banquet..that's the most fussy part..
the seat arrangement, stage performance, "yam seng" thingy..
i want a church wedding and luncheon then we just go honeymoon right after's too late after all..hopefully we can plan something fun on that night..rather traditional drinking and makan session

 We started to give out the wedding invites but in very slow-pace 
because i forget the 喜饼 part.. i opt for cupcakes to give together with the invites..but don't know which to go for..i'm not a fan of sugary stuff..any recommendation?

so this is the final of our invitation card
the string is to tie the location map together which also represent "tie the knot"
i'm not very happy with the envelop color..bit out..but no choice..Pantone color code always get me into trouble

the location map is printed on the tracing paper..
my mum keep convince me just print it on normal paper since people will throw it right away the wedding some more the direction is not clear..hahah which is true...but i don't care..
our wedding favor is ready too! thanks to lovely Patty from Lullabelle Handmade
i wanted the soap be in green and yellow but i forget it's a handmade and natural product
so we can't add any coloring but Patty try her very best to mix the closest color for us!
Thanks so much!!

Pre-Wedding Photo (Part 1)

I know it's been a while since our pre-wedding photo shoot 
actually im so hesitate to share my own album coz many give high expectation 
i'm afraid i let u guys i went stress up from choosing to editing and even the moment to publish it on One Way Ticket 
so at the end i let my partner to finalize everything and upload it on our site 
 i really wanna thanks my awesome pawsome bestie aka photographer for this beautiful pictures
 she is so supportive and creative!

 He is my superman..
realize the second photo? it's not purposely but blown by the wind..
 love this photo the most..
 am i that heavy? haha..

i do my make up myself..coz we are going for casual and natural look

Detail of our outfit..:) 
happily forever after 
Hope you like the photos..:)

Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work; If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up!
Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

Blessed Birthday, Fiance

Picture credit to One Way Ticket

Dear Ney/Fiance/baby boy,
here another year another post dedicate to you on your birthday 2008  2010 2011
This year we are so busy with work i don't even have time to plan your birthday or buy you a present
 i even arrange a meeting and another photo shoot today but luckily you hint me that is your birthday so cancel all the job...ended up both of us are too tired..we both head to our own house to rest and there goes your birthday..gone..
hahha..i'm a bad fiancee i know but what to do you have no choice and no turning back already..

but from the bottom of my heart.. i really thankful and blessed to have you in my life
six years neither long nor short time but each year we went thru with the grace of God..
 i don't know what to buy for you but the 1st thing i would wish to give it as ur present this year is to learn to control my temper and less emotional..* i promise*

Thanks for you're forever supportive and patient with me.. always follow me to meeting at night, spend your precious weekend with me for work and drive me here and there for props hunting 
without you i should have quit doing freelance..
you are my backbone

Blessed Birthday my dear! wait for my surprise k!:)
Love you~

Wear Black Support Media Freedom

have you wear Black to support Press Freedom today?
joined #Bersih 3.0, it was last min plan..coz we planned to go JB months ago to give out invitation card and meeting old friends.. but me and the boy decide to stay and go to the rally 
you might think this is waste of time or something silly but what we want is just a free and fair elections that is and we're not there to support any political Thankful and no regret that i went..
at least i know how scary is tear gas, how Malaysian united together and helping each other rather than running for own life and safety, how perpetrators and opposition hijack this ought to be peaceful rally and how our police work and of coz how the government control over media
so i'm in all black to support Press Freedom Day~
tho i don't have the yellow ribbon..
Aztex print vest, black skinny and box bag all from Reverie
accessories in black too~ 
loving the sheer back
Favorite shoe at the moment despite the fact that its no so comfy
Pony hair with gold chain..
Here come another hectic weekend~
God bless you