Wedding update

We have more or less 2 month before our actual day!
so many tiny little things to prepare and handle..

Wedding Favors
Just received our wedding invitation and ready to give out.. 
we printed 2 version invitation one for the elderly and one for friends.. 
of coz the attached pictures are not the final.. i did a mock up for the pre-wedding shoot 
 for wedding favors i order handmade soap from Patty
i wish to have something that suit our theme and useful and support handmade product at the same time ..

 Ceremony & Traditions
our Holy matrimony services will be held at Lutheran Zion Church, Brickfields..
 beautiful and historical church..still surveying for a good catering service for luncheon 
our mums is handling all the Chinese traditions stuff.. for 过大礼,敬茶and lotsa red stuff 
ya we are having selected Chinese tradition ceremony too..since we are Chinese and this are to make parents happy..

 Pre-wedding photos and video presentation
i just got all our photos edited after 2 months! haha i don't why it take forever to edit our own pictures.. delete then redo then re-edit...then delete again..until i got so panic one night and ask the him to sit with me re-edit everything together! and everything complete in 1 day! we also shoot a short video too..not sure when will it be done..ahem ahem *hint somebody*

Dinner Reception
another headache! guest list, seating chart, stage performance and all
 still in the progress, we are still looking for our perfect wedding car..:(
Volkswagen beetle in YELOW!
coz it matches our theme so so well, but too bad i have no friend own this cute car..
anyone of you have friends??wiling to rent??please help~
i don't really like typical 新娘车 Mercedes, BMW or those big car..
Hope everything goes smooth~


  1. post 1 or 2 of ur pre-wedding shots lehh~~
    cannot tahan!

  2. Hi Kim, Woo I love your invites!!!
    I will help you to look around see if there is any yellow beetle ya =)
    O yea I love ur new room too!!

  3. Nice photo! can't wait to see more!Hope you found the car very soon!

  4. The Brickfields's church is really gorgeous! If I'm from a christian family i wish to have my wedding ceremony at there too..happy for you,Kim!

  5. lovin the colours! Whr did you get ur nail polish? :)

  6. Totally agree with you on the Beetle car in yellow. MY FAVVVVVV :P

  7. Seriously can't wait for your whole wedding (although I'm just a reader haha) everything looks wonderful and so well thought:) its definitely gonna be lovely, I'm sure.

  8. everything sure will going smooth , don worry ! hehehe . ohgosh , im really cant wait cant wait for ur wedding pichas here :p

  9. The colors and theme for your wedding are gorgeous kim! hoping the best for you on your wedding! ^_^

  10. nice invitation.. nice color... :)
    is there any catering update?? hehehe looking for it too.. :P