Room detail~

some pictures of the room~
before we change to another theme in May for our wedding..:) 
any wild guess or suggestion on what theme should we go for this time

Side table.. L♥VE
trying to keep everything clean
actually i dun really like the flooring.. so we brought a rug to cover it..

left side table..
mint vintage phone from bkk ,vintage suitcase and a almost being thrown table lamp
picture frame area M (ming) & K (kim)

instax hanging wall..:) still need to take more instax to fill up the place..

haha matching outfit with the room, you must be bored seeing me in this color...but i can't resist it
always wanted a yellow blazer after watching Topshop ss12 fashion show! and finally i found one! 
Reverie Yellow Blazer, Topshop Basic Crop Tee, yellow flat

detail of the blazer awesome quality! and matching outfit with the boyfriend!

lucky to have a boyfriend who wiling to wear matching outfit with me

interested in the blazer? please stay tune for Reverie update tomorrow~


  1. Nice outfit! U look pretty, Kim! =)
    Cant wait to see Reverie new update! Hope can get what I want tomorrow! hehe.. =p

    Take care~

  2. Love it! Can't wait to get it! Major love your room deco dear, put so much effort on it :)

  3. love ur blazer! and wonder where did u get such good and lovely alphabets and the LOVE sign made from wood? from BKK or customize it?
    congratz on your wedding :)

  4. your fiance looks like 胡夏! XD

  5. so naisssssss!~~
    this curls also nice!

    btw babe, where did u get the instax hanging thing?

  6. blog more about your wedding prep!

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  8. nice ! keep it :) looks forward for ur next post ;)

  9. Don't think I will ever get sick of this colour combo. Hahaha very nice!

  10. Hi Kim, can you let me know where can I get the white shelf that you used for your m&k area?