mint fever..

Thanks for all your help in choosing the envelop!! 
it's send out to print, actually i prefer to have both color printed.. 
but my printer only offer 1 color printing according to the quantity that i order..
the invitation card itself is too colorful so i also agree to have a simple and not-too-loud envelop design
Thanks God that my printer give me a very good quote and advice~
i feel really blessed that friends around me keep offer their hand to help and rush me to get things done or give them task so they can get prepared early coz i am a sluggish bride
 and most importantly i got most of my stuff at special-friendship price! from door-gift to invitation card to photography
Thanks so much dear friends!!!
my pre-wedding photos stuck half way coz i insist to edit myself.. tho my photographer offer to help
as i don't want to give burden to her..let's hope i can complete this super hard task soonest possible..

so now something really not related..wake up one day and feel like taking some pictures of my current favorite
the mint thingy~
contrast collar shir, Topshop Stripe short,Sleeveless collar shirt ,Korea knitted sweater, Zara sweater and skinny pant..
 are you in mint fever as well?


  1. yayayaya~~~ I am a MINT lover~~~~
    hahahahaha~~~ ^^

    MINT FEVER yeah!!!

  2. yea~ i do love mint color...bought a mind color nail lacquer recently and everyone like the color too :D

  3. what about minty nail polish? =p

  4. so pretty! the mint skinny from where?

  5. omg..i wish all of these are mine~
    the color was so warm & lovely^^

  6. The colours are so calming! I cannot wait to see your pre-wedding pictures already! :D :D

  7. can i know where u bought the Korea knitted sweater please?

  8. Thanks all!

    Ying ying i got it from a friend ya..:)

  9. y .. i couldn't find Mint stuff easily.. *wuwuwu**