Pre-wedding Shoot-Behind the scene

So here a little behind the scene of my pre-wedding shoot
we choose Singapore because it's near and easy to travel with truckload of stuff we bring along
that's us in the 3rd venue at Botanic Garden
the usual place for pre-wedding photography in Singapore i think, coz on that evening itself there are 3 shooting going on..
i think Singapore is really amazingly safe country!we left our tripod there for 1 whole night! we when back the same place the next afternoon, the tripod was still at the exact same place standing in the middle of the jogging path! imagine what if this happened in M'sia?
A very beautiful garden, well maintain and clean...
we're talking to a very friendly old man who you will be seeing him in our photos..
changing hairstyle and make up for the next shoot..
i enjoy make up and hair style by others..luckily my make up artist is very patient coz i'm a vy picky bride..haha..
i think it is very important to have pre-make up session before the actual day
coz diff make up artist have different style and skill.. it might turn out something out of your expectation but it was too late to change anything on the actual day.. and you will be regret~~~*scary*
That's us on the second of the casual set..
as what my make up artist told me i'm busier bride ever..i brought my own props and accessories, own reference photos,stories and stuff..and all these can be very frustrating and stressful..
since you're doing all by yourself you can't blame anyone if the outcome is not right..if you get what i mean.. 
but luckily the boyfriend really patient with me..if not the photos will really turn out awful..
you don't want to see black faces in the photos, don't you? 
so whenever on the set he is trying his very best to make me smile and happy
the most greatest gift is to have a photographer who share same thoughts and ideas with
and wiling to spend 3 days dealing with such demanding couples like us..haha


  1. hope to see more photos ~~~ Lovely

  2. These photos are so sweet~~~
    Kim, u're so amazing!
    Please share ur wedding photos with us on ur blog when it comes out, k? =)
    Take care!

  3. awwwwww...very nice veils & gown~
    again, i wanna say,., i cant wait for ur pics!!

  4. Moon:Sure will dear..soon..i hope ..hehe

    Evangeline: thanks dear..sure dear soon!hehhe

    Boe:♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    Bee: thanks dear..hehe we still struggling with editing style..:(

  5. i believe it's gonna be great outcome anyhow~

  6. awww ! wait for more and more lovely photos ! ♥

  7. wow, you are getting married! congrats!

  8. Oh dear~~~ Love it!! Love it!! You are simply awesome!!! i cant wait to see in the white gown!!! feel so happy for u..sincerely~ :)

  9. where can i find this wedding gown? wana get this for my church wedding too.. :)