Photo booth

Photo booth Session! whenever there's a gathering
photo booth session will never be missed! 
is a great activity to have fun and laughter with friends~  
here what you need to enjoy the fun of photo booth!
1. Set a theme! *important* either color theme or story
and remember to remind your friend to wear according to the theme! 
2. Prepare props and find a suitable background~
3. Timer remote controller (super useful!) or a self timer and tripod *important* !!
4. Pose and have fun! 

here are some of photo booth session we did sometimes ago~
The Red theme with uni-mates 
get whatever you have! and play with it! dun afraid to be stupid~
be careful and dun get hurt! 
remember to do individual shoot and do some editing! 

The LOVE theme with tangs family~
this is the time that you can punch or hit your friend and they wun get angry~..*jk* 
go wild and do expression with your props! 
get your friend to play photo booth with you!
shall plan another photo booth session soon~


  1. Love it! You're all cute! :)

  2. haha~~~love this post ~~~ fun ^^

  3. i wish my friend can play with me!

  4. Maria:Glad that you love it! :)

    Moon: hehe im trying to blog something diff here..

    Bee: hahha..try to play cute and stupid thing before turning too old for that..

    shimin: :) go have fun with ur friend~

    ashley: big love to you! i miss u~

  5. you are such a great inspiration, may i hire you in the future if i really need a photog hehehe?

  6. Wow~~~ it's cute~~~ haha~~~
    May ask my gang do this too! XD
    Love it so much~ =D

  7. Hey, what's is the model of this camera?