Mint + Yellow= Love

A simple shooting at the boyfie's room (my future room) 
we transfer all the props from our wedding theme into the room 
since we going for white and simple furniture so we can keep changing the theme for the room
surprisingly the lighting is not bad
loving my hair here..look so healthy~
wearing Zara mint sweater and Zara pale yellow skinny
i need a little help here!
since i can have only 1 color for my invitation's envelop..i cant decide which to go (ya i know i have only 2 color)
What you think? mint or yellow?

Pre-wedding Shoot-Behind the scene

So here a little behind the scene of my pre-wedding shoot
we choose Singapore because it's near and easy to travel with truckload of stuff we bring along
that's us in the 3rd venue at Botanic Garden
the usual place for pre-wedding photography in Singapore i think, coz on that evening itself there are 3 shooting going on..
i think Singapore is really amazingly safe country!we left our tripod there for 1 whole night! we when back the same place the next afternoon, the tripod was still at the exact same place standing in the middle of the jogging path! imagine what if this happened in M'sia?
A very beautiful garden, well maintain and clean...
we're talking to a very friendly old man who you will be seeing him in our photos..
changing hairstyle and make up for the next shoot..
i enjoy make up and hair style by others..luckily my make up artist is very patient coz i'm a vy picky bride..haha..
i think it is very important to have pre-make up session before the actual day
coz diff make up artist have different style and skill.. it might turn out something out of your expectation but it was too late to change anything on the actual day.. and you will be regret~~~*scary*
That's us on the second of the casual set..
as what my make up artist told me i'm busier bride ever..i brought my own props and accessories, own reference photos,stories and stuff..and all these can be very frustrating and stressful..
since you're doing all by yourself you can't blame anyone if the outcome is not right..if you get what i mean.. 
but luckily the boyfriend really patient with me..if not the photos will really turn out awful..
you don't want to see black faces in the photos, don't you? 
so whenever on the set he is trying his very best to make me smile and happy
the most greatest gift is to have a photographer who share same thoughts and ideas with
and wiling to spend 3 days dealing with such demanding couples like us..haha

Album Release & Play

上个星期去了Grace Wong 第一张单曲 <<心情>>的发布会
Last week was invited to attend Grace Wong first debut << Sunny Heart >>launch


She's very pretty and slim in person!
she work very hard for her dream and she did it and own her 1st album
of coz with she is lucky coz she have a supportive family

1st time attend event lonely..
and my 1st time experience how journalist asking those intense question

蛮喜欢她干净 单纯 的歌声..特别是这首<转捩点>
i love her clean and pure voice..especially this song

click to listen a little sneak preview of her song...
Like her page here: Grace Wong
For those who love to watch play..
and here a play Corporal PUNishment tells the man’s epic quest in search of the cure to order and seriousness by releasing the primordial pandemic that will change the(ir) world forever.
If you love being PUNished one way or another, this is the show for you. (Fun not intended)
Genre: Comedy
11th April (Wed) Opening Preview @ 8.38pm
12th – 14th April @ 8.38pm
15th April @ 3.33pm matinee
Venue: Pentas 2, klpac
Tickets: RM33:Adult / RM23: (TAS card, UNHCR card, Student & The Disabled)
(All prices inclusive of RM3 handling fee)
Preview @ 11th April – Flat rate RM23

Pre-wedding behind the scene next post~

FLAT outfit

So fast!!! i am a freelancer for almost 11 month!
there's always time i have too little faith to surrender all my worries to God 
there's always time when i feel insecure especially in financial part
there's always time i feel like giving up when my mum questioning about my future

and i will still go for interview session if someone called me for or if i see interesting job available
but at the end of the day i always turn off the offers and
because i have a boyfriend who always pull me back remind me of my passion and how God bless me the pass few months!
it is true that i really love my job (apart from the income part),
1. i love meeting awesome people other thru business meeting i get to know my client more, i love listen to their dreams, their achievement,  their stories sorrow or happiness (I'm so glad that they are willing to share with me)
2. i can have time for Reverie, taking part in bazaar, stocking up new pieces
3. attend event, media launch and movie premier in office hour~
 4. most important part i love designs and i find great satisfaction from all the work i did

the only one thing i missed about full time job is to dress up everyday for work..
i have less OFTD pictures nowadays.. because i normally go meeting alone in order to avoid jam i try not stop and shop but head home straight..and my boyfriend is too lazy to bring DSLR out on weekend so goodbye my dear outfit photo.. 
so i have to shoot outfit FLAT
Outfit to Church
Reverie polka dot sheer top, pale blue skinny (BKK) and Jaspal vintage loafer

 Casual look for movie
white sheer top as outerwear, yellow vest (Taiwan) and pale blue short (Reverie)
For Movie Night
Leopard Sweater (Taiwan), Knicker Shorts (Reverie, Coming Soon), lace up flat
Didn't wear this out coz its too sheer for movie but this match better than the leopard sweater
Burgundy Sheer Shirt with lace trim collar (Reverie),Knicker Shorts (Reverie, Coming Soon), lace up flat
Normal shopping day with boyfriend
Scallop Edge Top (Sponsor Gift), Stripe Hotpant (Topshop), Lace Headband (Diva) and Flat (Taiwan)

Which combination you love the most?
btw hope you like this kinda outfit shoot..:)

Photo booth

Photo booth Session! whenever there's a gathering
photo booth session will never be missed! 
is a great activity to have fun and laughter with friends~  
here what you need to enjoy the fun of photo booth!
1. Set a theme! *important* either color theme or story
and remember to remind your friend to wear according to the theme! 
2. Prepare props and find a suitable background~
3. Timer remote controller (super useful!) or a self timer and tripod *important* !!
4. Pose and have fun! 

here are some of photo booth session we did sometimes ago~
The Red theme with uni-mates 
get whatever you have! and play with it! dun afraid to be stupid~
be careful and dun get hurt! 
remember to do individual shoot and do some editing! 

The LOVE theme with tangs family~
this is the time that you can punch or hit your friend and they wun get angry~..*jk* 
go wild and do expression with your props! 
get your friend to play photo booth with you!
shall plan another photo booth session soon~

Markets @ Jaya One 5: Mitsubishi Carboot Challenge Vendor

We had a wonderful experience taking part in Mitsubishi Carboot Challenge Vendor
so grateful that Reverie chosen to be one of the six vendor..
we were ask to decorate the new Mitsubishi Crossover ASX to represent our brand

So i bring whatever i had for my pre-wedding photo shoot few day before the event to decorate our booth

finally found this vintage briefcase in mint color!!! with super good deal!!!
since the car beside us is in red so we have a red corner for clearance too~
another set of probs from my wedding shoot as well..hehe
i'm wearing topshop jean bralet, Reverie Tribal Print short , loafer from Jaspal
like our booth? vote us *here*
and check out photo on the Thatch below!
will update on my pre-wedding photo shoot soon!