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长大了 很多东西要收起来
渐渐 多人看 压力也跟着来
写起来也要想三下 到最后就不写了
所以一直对自己说些了是为了以后可以看 回忆回忆

其实很期待跟他一起生活, 可以每天见面
 现在也不错 他家人很体贴打通了两间房 一间当 书房和更衣间一间睡房 
白色为主  那我们可以根据心情不是来个小转变偶尔来个大变身
因为我是个三分钟热度的人。。受不了 一成不变
所以拒绝了buid-in还有定做 这个idea
一旦装上了就永远是那样 我不能


My 2012

2012 is going to be a very exciting year for me!
a big change & new challenge
1. busy with wedding preparation although we haven't start any yet pre-wedding shoot on feb, invitation card design and printing on march, guest list, banquet food testing, both family meeting, and the list goes on and on.. btw of all the stuff we've only complete the honey moon booking part, settled with flight, villa, and itinerary..hahaha..
2. another 6 month ill be somebody's wife, somebody's daughter-in-law *nervous* but i'm still staying very near to my mum's place i can kacau her everyday no worries no homesick
3. new project One Way Ticket with buddies, hope this plan work well..
4. Furniture shopping have to be done asap..:( i just can't decide on big stuff! we had been visit a lot of furniture gallery since december but those are the typically furniture shop selling almost-the-same thing..any suggestion for any nice furniture gallery?
5. Healthy lifestyle plan, eat healthier, more exercise, sleep earlier and be a water tank..
just done a women screening last week, Thank God nothing gone wrong another pre-marriage blood test next month
and more i'm too sick to think~
off for a nap after medicine..
Take care my dear don't fall sick like me :(

Miss Glittery

Received this pretty dress from I Wear Sin
 Its such a perfect piece to wear in this season!

Matching it with Topshop Velvet Highwaist Pant..
Diamond Hex Envelop Clucth (An old flame)
Mustache double ring and Swatch Special Edition Glitter Watch

Thanks I Wear Sin again for this pretty dress

One Way Ticket

to us
Marriage= permanent =no turning back
so this name work well with the the whole concept
One Way Ticket

we're planned this for quite sometimes ago
until recently the 1st photoshoot completed!
really Thanks God all the perfect timing!
we got to borrow the gown from sis Ailing, we got to know Lydia and julian at the same times
and surprisingly they are wiling to be our model although they are getting married soon!

we focus on concept styling to create uniqueness of your pre-wedding photography
we have the same vision of compiling of the stories of each couple on the set
so the photos are more personalize and close to themselves
Our Photographer is my bestie Shuwan from studio
 she always open to try up new things 
and ill be doing concept, styling and make up 
our package also include video! we have videographer as well to record the moment and the movement
and compile it as Pre-wedding music video
We do not know how far can we go..
but all we have is faith and follow God's path~
whether it turn out to be successful not we surrender to God

 just as what Lydia said: have faith and keep going