How Times flies

Times really flies~
so many thing to do so little rushing on deadline almost everyday...and weekend is freaking pack and busy..
yesterday we went for church searching..
we're still struggling whether to have garden wedding or church ceremony..
and i have problem deciding which wedding gown to go for..*big head*
i just so scare to make decision because i'm so afraid of the regretted feeling!
i don't want to feel regret because wedding once a lifetime..
anyway i try to surrender to God..His plan is always best for us..
i'm surely believe ill be very grateful after all this over~

Scallop hem blazer (Reverie), white vest (Taiwan), highwaist skinny (Bangkok)
wore this for St. Matthew Concert
such awesome experience! all they work hard and time spend can be seen~
Glory to the Lord
wish our choir group will be like them one day..

and we went to visit a brother who was injured his leg and admitted in the hospital today
just cant imagine how this could happen
we were meeting each other every weekend at church playing around with his adorable son
 and last weekend onward he had been going thru 2 surgery for his leg because of an incident
thru his sharing it really touch my heart and wake me up..

we never know what will happen tomorrow or even a minutes later
we can't predict life..but God is in all control
cherish every moment you have everyone beside you
because all this are grace that God gives to us be in the most common thing like walking..

just being random..feel this is so match with this post..
Take Care and God bless you!


  1. Love your outfit! Will u be selling the blazer? :)

  2. are you a korean?

  3. love the blazer tuh. where dou you bought it?

  4. dear, ur hair become so long already.. =)
    u look pretty with this look! love to see ur forehead.. lol~
    i want the sweater in ur last post, it available?

    take care and happy always! love~

  5. Thanks for sharing dear!
    yes life is unpredictable~
    you great in person and nice meeting you today at mid valley!

  6. hey there, Its me. Love your look (hair) here. pretty :D Should tie ponny tail frequent.

    Btw, may God bless your friend.

  7. Dayana: Thanks dear


    anonymous: nope!

    clara: selling in reverie soon~

    evangeline: ya dear grow longer..coz i nvr cut!hhe..nope dear the sweater sold out d!

    amanda: yeah great meeting u amanda! u're so sweet..:)

    amelia: thanks dear..ya i should tie it frequently..thanks amelia!

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