Clear forehead

Hello clear forehead!
 i finally know find the solution to cure my pimple forehead..
this problem have troubling me since 2 years ago..been trying out lotsa skin care products and facial
but the result just doesn't last long and become worst when menstrual period
till i recently started to have this Eu Yan Sang Gold Label Bak Foong Pill in everyday basic (except menstrual period) actually i'm having this to reduce the pain.
but after eating it for 3 months..there no appearance of acne especially on my forehead!
so i experiment whether is this pill working and i stop eating for 2 week and yes pimple is back again!
 i think its really work on me..i'm gonna continue eating it..and say bye to pimple forever..

took this photos weeks ago..i miss my clear forehead already!

nowadays we have to go pak tor on weekdays night
coz weekend is way too pack!i dun even have to time to dress up~
Outfit: knitted Jumper, Reverie Velvet Short, 2 tone clutch..

loving the knitted pattern~
friends are tying the knot one by one..:) love attending wedding dinner!
i always cry when i saw a couple matching aisle in the wedding ceremony..
i have another 8 months! and i've done nothing..but keep involve myself in others wedding~
i'm gonna help in wedding deco coming december..:) can't wait!



  1. dearie kimkim... i think u2 r pattoing when serving together too~ n real from heart: each time i meet u, u juz with uR styLe n d sense of fashion! dun jiajia say no dress up ya, u have dressing urself up everyday =P Cant wait to meet u2 on tuesday to call u towkay neo~ Blessed Day...

  2. You look gorgeous! :)

    I think the Eu Yan Sang Gold Label Bak Foong Pills help to regulate our hormone, that's why pimples are gone! :D

  3. Love your clutch :D anywhere to get it?

  4. nice outfit !

    and , that Eu Yan Sang Gold Label Bak Foong Pill really good ? really works ? hmmmm ~ if yes , im gonna to try also :D hahaa ! thanks for sharing ! ♥

  5. u took the pill everyday?
    exp neh..but it is really gd..i only take for monthly basic

  6. Dear, I don't think it's good if you stop consume it returns @@
    I was having same prob last two years because of bb cream. After visiting specialist it never comes back again till now. For a year I don't apply the med :)

  7. :D I found your blog when I was searching about budacco hotel in Bangkok and I am glad that I found this blog! :D I love your style and the layout of this blog is super pretty <3

    and it's a good thing that your pimples are gone, but maybe you shouldn't really take it on daily basis.. I mean, if you don't eat it then the pimples come again? Wouldn't that mean addicted? :|

    well, not like I have any better solutions, though... anyway... I LOVE your blog! :D gotta come around again for sure <3

  8. Esther: haha why u also so sweet one!

    Ivy: yes dear that what my mum told me too..:)

    amelia: from oversea spress..:)

    amee: i dunno dear at least it work on me..and solve my period pain..:)

    bee: thanks pretty bee

    christine: ya coz it wrote everyday 3 pill except menstrual period but i take 1 day each..:P ya quite expensive..

    chenelle: ya but at least it solve my period pain problem and control my hormone..:P acne and pimples is like a bonus to me..hehe

    i consult specialist too but the cream they gaves is not working out on me..:(

    Tiara: Hi dear glad to meet u here..
    but dear the instruction for the pill is daily basic 3 pill each day but i took 1 only i scare its overdose.. at least it solve my main problem "period pain"

    Thanks tiara~

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