Lovely Polka Dots

i'm having some panic attack from yesterday meeting with an insurance agent
after signing up for my own medical and personal life insurance
i realize i'm really a women..haha i never felt this before..
started to worry about my body, health, financial and all sort of things..
but i know all this is in God's plan..i only can pray for a peaceful heart..
being a freelance is never an easy job.. you have work extra harder and have extra faith 
this is the biggest lesson i have to learn
have faith in God and believe He will supply
when i'm panic or worry i always seek for God's word and it never fail to comfort me 
there's always times like this i feel like giving up but always something or someone to cheer me up or build back my confident..
 okie back to the title..:) my favorite lovely polka dot top that i've been wearing quite a lot
sponsor by my sister she got this stock from a thai designer..
if you interested to get it please contact me ya
so i did a mix and match for the top..i must say its versatile and easy to match!
polka dot is one of the main element in autumn 11..:)
i match it with my orange trouser..and navy moccasin flat
topshop normal long vest as inner and a belt for waistline
its match well with yellow too! Topshop sunshine lace trim short
i have slimmer leg now..hehe did you notice
thanks to all the walking in july~
and matching with bf red stripes shirt..hehe..
i miss my forehead by seeing this just one week my forehead is flood with pimples..:(

and  i should had match this top with this!
loving this pants at 1st sight.. the cutting and design is a same as the brown one i have here!
 most important is the color~~ maroon color...

since our latest collection are more to earthy and dark color so we choose a very different setting and photography effect.. hope you girls like it..

update will be tomorrow~


  1. love ur outfits ALWAYS ! ♥ and the way u wear them :D

  2. you slim down again! no good! take care yourself k!

  3. the last pic of u is awesome!
    jia you in ur working,pretty "woman"!

  4. still waiting ur hair tutorial :'(

  5. Amee: thanks dear..:)

    angel: no lar leg only face become chubby jor hehhe

    kylie: Thanks sweetie..haha ya women..

    sandy: dear the video is ready just i dun feel like posting here and dunno how to find you
    you can go here to view the video ya

  6. hi, where did you get the polka dot top from? any link?

  7. nice polka dot, m interested to get it, can you email me the details @ thanks a lot! :) your pics are awesome :)

  8. i loves polka dots! However my bf don't like it...
    I'll wear them when he is not around =P