I have a Forever-slim boyfriend

 im trying to blog more often..:) 
pictures taken by iphone..

my favorite of all in Reverie new collection
although this pant is not my size with the help of belt it still look just nice..
and because of the fabric with such a cutting my hip wun look so big..hehe 
i hardly found a fitted highwaist pant or a belt for highwaist i'm not trying to say i'm slim
but with my height..153cm i can't gain any weight..if not ill look even shorter..
i never forget i was once 10kg fatter now~ nothing look nice on me..
so i always warn myself to keep on eye on my weight
with my forever slim boyfriend..
you say lar if im chubby how can i stand beside him..

stock up fake eyelashes~ the pink one cost RM22 for bit dramatic look and the black box's cost only 9.90 for end part.. since i only put on fake eyelash 3 or 4 times a month.. so one eyelash can keep me quite long..unless i misplace them..
and the on the right a gift from Patty the sweetheart..im so surprise and so in love this personalize board 
thanks dear..:)
was not feeling really well yesterday i have this constant pain in right part of my stomach for sometimes
but Thanks God im feeling better today..hope the pain will never come again..
 and this a very happy pre-wedding party for our belove simon & su fen!
our theme is blue and white..indeed a awesome and sweet night with the big family
 God bless the sweet couple..
 more photo here

oh ya today we just paid deposit for our dinner reception..
meaning no turning back or other option on the venue
but at least one in the checklist settled next will be church venue..
time to sleep..say yeah to healthy life~ 


  1. is the lashes with lena face on it good? wish to try since the price is quite affordable

  2. Kim Kim, congratulations of your wedding. =) Must take care and stay healthy ya, because wedding got lotsa things nid to prepare and think, and i think your wedding will mostly be customize by you, so Gambatte! =D by the way, love the sweet board that you have. =)

  3. hi dear! just wanna say you are awesome and lovely! love reading your blog :) keep it up and congrats to your wedding! look forward! ;)

  4. I have the same heights with u!hehee..but I gain my weights days by days..I thought that shortie hard to look nice with the long highwaist but u able to carry the long highwaist pants so well,hmmm I think I wanna have a try on it! thumbs up =)

  5. KIM, I like ur black wedges very much. Any idea where can i get it ;)

    My email : ms.lynettee@gmail.com