Another year older~

been dealing with lot of codding this week..
its a rather an addictive job if compare to designing..
because i just can't stop trying and trying,preview and preview
until i forget to eat and go washroom..
codding really gives great satisfactory especially when a site from nothing to something client not a IT graduate so i require more time to explore and learn..
well today..erm should be yesterday to be exact my birthday.. i spend my whole day sitting in front of pc 
doing and rushing my job..
i realize that when i grow older birthdays seem to be less special
its a date that remind you that you've grow a year dun like it! hehe

but the bf still bring me out for dinner..
playing around with the famous mustache ring..
we're giving away this ringsSss for the lucky Reverie supporter on our next collection~
and tonight my bestie shuwan and fai appear with cake..:)
thanks so much for the dropping by~
they are really close friend of ours..we share life and serve together at church
   and my boyfriend or should i call him fiancé
thanks dear for the arrangement
Thanks God for them..:) 
i wish i can draw closer to God and continue longing for His word
this would be my last 'single' birthday, today next year i will having another identity although bit unbelievable 
but i believe everything will goes according to God plan..
without Him ill not have the gut to step up and chase for my dream..
i'm truly blessed throughout this quarter of life 
 Thank you dear Heavenly Father
chiffon batwing dress, vintage bag, heel from bkk
love this bag vy much especially the buckle part..its so antique and big enough to put lotsa stuff..:)

My favorite...

 of coz my top favorite is Shopping!
but nowadays i focus more on buying stock for Reverie

wu-fen-pu Taiwan a must visit place for all girls who visit Taiwan..
but i dunno why i cant get much stuff from there..:(
and travel! i hope i can go travel at least twice a year..:)
and last hobby to be with my boyfriend..:)
he is my best travel & shopping partner~ he will carry stuff for me give me advise and do record on what i've spend or buy! he is my personal financial controller too..hahah
many of the girls ask where i stay during my stay at Taipei
this is the hostel..:) reasonable price, convenient (walking distance to Taipei Station) and most important CLEAN!
台北橙舍 [ Taipei Backpackers - Taipei Main Station Branch ]
台北市太原路11巷14號2樓   [台北捷運地下街Y9出口 ;台北車站走路三分鐘]

and my new favorite gong cha..
i perfer gong cha than chatime maybe i love tea.. and specially love the milk creamer ~
wearing maroon sheer outer wear Sungai Wang, Topshop vest, BKK vintage highwaist short
so bored with this envelop clutch d..
hope i can get nicer one in BKK this weekend~
yes im heading there again for my annual buying trip..
do stay tune for our live shopping session at Reverie!
ill share with you what i brought for myself there~

oh ya im looking for make-up artist..please share with me if you know any~

check out our wedding blog although nothing much there
but we will update soon

I have a Forever-slim boyfriend

 im trying to blog more often..:) 
pictures taken by iphone..

my favorite of all in Reverie new collection
although this pant is not my size with the help of belt it still look just nice..
and because of the fabric with such a cutting my hip wun look so big..hehe 
i hardly found a fitted highwaist pant or a belt for highwaist i'm not trying to say i'm slim
but with my height..153cm i can't gain any weight..if not ill look even shorter..
i never forget i was once 10kg fatter now~ nothing look nice on me..
so i always warn myself to keep on eye on my weight
with my forever slim boyfriend..
you say lar if im chubby how can i stand beside him..

stock up fake eyelashes~ the pink one cost RM22 for bit dramatic look and the black box's cost only 9.90 for end part.. since i only put on fake eyelash 3 or 4 times a month.. so one eyelash can keep me quite long..unless i misplace them..
and the on the right a gift from Patty the so surprise and so in love this personalize board 
thanks dear..:)
was not feeling really well yesterday i have this constant pain in right part of my stomach for sometimes
but Thanks God im feeling better today..hope the pain will never come again..
 and this a very happy pre-wedding party for our belove simon & su fen!
our theme is blue and white..indeed a awesome and sweet night with the big family
 God bless the sweet couple..
 more photo here

oh ya today we just paid deposit for our dinner reception..
meaning no turning back or other option on the venue
but at least one in the checklist settled next will be church venue..
time to sleep..say yeah to healthy life~ 

Lovely Polka Dots

i'm having some panic attack from yesterday meeting with an insurance agent
after signing up for my own medical and personal life insurance
i realize i'm really a women..haha i never felt this before..
started to worry about my body, health, financial and all sort of things..
but i know all this is in God's plan..i only can pray for a peaceful heart..
being a freelance is never an easy job.. you have work extra harder and have extra faith 
this is the biggest lesson i have to learn
have faith in God and believe He will supply
when i'm panic or worry i always seek for God's word and it never fail to comfort me 
there's always times like this i feel like giving up but always something or someone to cheer me up or build back my confident..
 okie back to the title..:) my favorite lovely polka dot top that i've been wearing quite a lot
sponsor by my sister she got this stock from a thai designer..
if you interested to get it please contact me ya
so i did a mix and match for the top..i must say its versatile and easy to match!
polka dot is one of the main element in autumn 11..:)
i match it with my orange trouser..and navy moccasin flat
topshop normal long vest as inner and a belt for waistline
its match well with yellow too! Topshop sunshine lace trim short
i have slimmer leg now..hehe did you notice
thanks to all the walking in july~
and matching with bf red stripes shirt..hehe..
i miss my forehead by seeing this just one week my forehead is flood with pimples..:(

and  i should had match this top with this!
loving this pants at 1st sight.. the cutting and design is a same as the brown one i have here!
 most important is the color~~ maroon color...

since our latest collection are more to earthy and dark color so we choose a very different setting and photography effect.. hope you girls like it..

update will be tomorrow~

Random by Topic

i had a very good times spending with friends and family this holiday
specially miss the day we stay up late for pillow talk no matter how tired or how early the event start next morning..we will still stay up late for girls talk
had very good sharing sharing session...
Thanks God..


i complete my portfolio blog! Here
visit to check out what have I've created throughout the years
if you happen to need my services please do not feel hesitate to contact me ya

Future Territory
as for us we started our room designs and construction we are staying the parents.. we are given 2 rooms and private bathroom
although i always wanted to own a house..but we choose to obey the family and we have more time to save more for our future win situation also right.

Wedding preparation
we have exactly 10 month to do the preparation,as we gonna conduct our own pre-wedding photo shoot with the help of our im have to buy/ custom made my own wedding gowns but till now i have no idea yet :( ideas are everywhere..
for now the wedding color scheme is set as below~
refreshing, clean, vintage and young..:)
but i'm a fickler minded person so i might change the concept board from time to time.


just can't get enough of pale/pastel look..
i found comfortable with it, i have less outfit photo nowadays..seldom go out for shopping
i gotta save for my shopping trip this month..*wink*
but this is more of a sourcing trip, sourcing for Reverie and wedding props~

wearing lace back blouse, flora legging and shoes from taiwan..:)


too free at i took out my rings out for macro photo shoot
i realize i love to shoot small stuff..:) coz i can easily set up backdrop for it..
oh ya visit Shopper Platform a new platform for you to resell your impulse purchase
and we just got our new stock for Reverie! we smell 'fall' so strong this collection!!stay tune next week!