Thankful heart

thanks for all the wishes and comment
i actually planned to just jot down my memories here for myself and sharing it with friend who read my blog and existing reader
but it ended up like the whole world know about it..
anyway im really thankful that you guys are happy for both of us
i received lotsa call and text and email and message just to wish us! so touching~
actual date would be next mid year..i thought we have plenty of time but no
some much more to plan and do
we are looking forward for the preparation the process and can't wait to start working on my dream wedding
i started tumblr to store and collect all the inspirations and concepts for wedding and interior design
visit if you're interested.>> kiminspiration

kinda lazy to continue with my taiwan post..but i wun let you girls who commented earlier down..
after i finished my current project ill sort out everything soon..
thanks again~ for the blessing

God bless you too~


  1. Wow what a sweet proposal! All the best and congratulationss. Just a little sad not being able to read chinese. Happy planning. :D <3

  2. great blog! keep up the god job!

  3. hey kim..didn catch up ur blog since ur last post in july..just check out ur i do post..congratz & really feel happy 4 u..^^

  4. juney: thanks juney..erm actually im planing to translate the whole post :) check out my blog ya

    May Lee: Thanks dear may lee

    Christine: hello dearie~ thanks so so much!

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