Hello there~
im back! alive and kickin~
i'm recharged and refresh from the trip!
there's some drama when we departure so i have to go there alone..
was my 1st time taking flight, explore the town, finding the hostel all alone..indeed a very good experience for me..and brother came the other day we departure alone but come back in 3person..:) wanna guess who is the third person who join us half way of the trip?
btw most of the pictures are not with me here are part of the buys
Taiwan is a great great place, we eat a lot, walk a lot and buy a lot!

all the flats i got in July..accept the black one from Vincci
others are from Taiwan and all are less than RM40! total steal~

also part of the accessories i got..i forget where i place it

Gold and platinum face scrub that quite costly for me..
all thanks to the sales assistant! better work out!

and plenty of eye mask the SA gift me as free gift
Linkand this lovely Sunglasses!

im so obsessed with Korea fashion
i've been browsing thru Korean site since last month
and created a to buy list to bring over to Taiwan..coz you can find a lot of shop selling Korea's clothes

love the minimalist

simple yet stylish

this top is love!!! the collar is so cute~~~ unfortunately i can't found it in Taiwan
and of coz not in Malaysia..the only shop i know that bringing in Korea Stuff is Azorias
check out their new arrivals!

more to share until i got the pictures..:)
Thanks God for this wonderful experience~
stay tune..and little souvenir giveaway section..
oh ya thanks for following me! have a great week ahead!


  1. Welcome back i miss your blog so much so much!

  2. LOVE all your buys!! haha makes me so tempted to go Taiwan *o*

  3. waiting for your taiwan post... ^^

  4. I'm in love with Korea fashion too! all your flats are so lovely~~

  5. Welcome back, Kim! Miss u so much! =D
    Love ur flats!!! All so cute!! <3 <3 <3
    Hope to see ur next post soon! *can't wait*

  6. Welcome back dear!! Hope you're fully recharge after a short break :)

  7. Huan Ying balik!!!!!!!!!!
    please post more....miss ur blog!!!

  8. Kim, you look for hostel after you arrive? brave girl (:

  9. Hi there :)
    Don't know whether you'll see this comment. I'm very much in love with Korean fashion too and I found this online shop call The Patbingsu on fb that sells some of the cute little collar blouse as shown in your post. Have no connection with The Patbingsu but sharing is caring XD