Hello Holiday..

this time im going with brother rather than bf or sister or friend
gonna be longest trip ever and really different experience..
hope everything will go according to plan..*pray hard*
haha although we din plan much..
but i'm sure ill come back recharge and thankful to God!
this blog is gonna be idle for more than 2 weeks..:(
ok a post before i start my vacation

went for furniture shopping with ney ney
getting ideas and concept from Ikea..for his future room..:)

matching curtain for me!haha
after weeks of referencing and research
i still prefer all white furniture, deco and reno!

lace top, topshop short with eyelet trimming, crochet flat
i look like wearing pajamas no?hehe
good for furniture shopping what..and one thing i dun like abt this short its get crumple so easy!
i need portable iron when i wear this short..btw is this thing actually exist?hehe

trying new curly style..im still not good at it..:(

crochet flat and my favorite ring..:)
i realize most of my rings/accessories are either heart shape or something abt love..
alright dearie~
hope you have a great week!
God bless you~

Perfect Jeans

i seldom wear/bring
..bracelet..slipper..shoulder bag..full dress..maxi
and jeans!
unless i'm force too if not i prefer to wear short coz i look short and fat in most the jeans..
what about you? what you seldom or do not wear?

but i did until i got this favorite purchase last month!
this pair of jean match almost all my new top~

the join stitching line in between that do magic!
its go all the way down in the middle create illusion that i look 10cm taller..hehe

contrast collar is love no?...never enough
sorry the last post of my shelves contrast top, its all sold out before i can post it in Reverie..
sorry for those who waiting for it to be on rack

spending quiet Saturday noon at Poco is perfect leisure

this top match poco so much..:)

say hi to my number 1 reader hehe..

my very supportive boyfriend..

i will be oversea next week until end of July
hope i get nice nice stuff back from this trip..
cheers pretties~

Orange trouser

had another a very great time meeting readers and shopper at chic Pop

and pretty owners from GAT and Little Paris Dressbook the lovely cute sister
Chic POP is always a great time for us to hang and gather around
yun as usual selling her accessories
and boe selling her handmade jewelry..lotsa people love her stuff! great job dear
great to have you guys..we have lotsa fun

outfit shot by MODE.st by Ilya
polka dot peter pan collar sheer blouse & Topshop inspired Orange pant:
Dots Boutique
Loving this orange trousers

again wearing it to f3 member day
pairing with sailor scarf:Topshop, white vest:cotton on, crochet flat..

being caught by Fashion Police and win a RM50 Topshop Voucher!
and i brought one RM189 short at RM80+ happy~

okie..back to work..:)
have a great week ya, God bless you~

Life is a blessing

how is life going for you?
been 3 months being freelance..and I'm enjoying my life so much
I'm learning to organize myself and manage time well
Life is a blessing..a blessing from God..
able to graduated, get a job, a sweet family, a boyfriend who give me lotsa love, friends who wiling to listen and share joy and sadness, church's family who are so cute and lovely
we are so blessed in many way until we get use to it and take things for granted and looking for more..
today a mail from a reader wake me up she share this with me
Dancing Paper Cranes
a 18 years old girl suffer from blood cancerLinkwhen i was 18 im busy with school with SPM and looking forward for uni life everything seems so naturally and seems like i deserve this and that
but no, not for Leonie
I was given a chance to live, yet it is not for me to choose how long I can live this life as my current identity. I have to say, I'm thankful for having the chance to be born as Leonie. Someone who isn't your typical ordinary person, yet still uniquely me - learning something new everyday and meeting new people; creating new experiences and memories for me.

I truly do not know how much longer my cancer journey is going to take. I don't know how many types of treatment I still have to face after this. I still have no idea how much longer I'm going to live.
quote from Leonie
i remember once a sister told us everyday is a gift every morning she give thanks to God for the every breath is a gift, i can relate this Leonie,
life is so uncertainly for a girl like her
I should be feeling lucky that I'm still alive.
quote from Leonie

and now her family is low on cash and currently she needs RM250,000 for stem cell transplant...please please help if you can..financially or pray for her
Please contact her personally
Dancing Paper Cranes

i pray God's favor upon her help her go thru all this and heal her..
i think what we can do as blogger other than sharing product and helping sales for others do help to share