Hectic Week

Hello monday~
been really hectic last week..finally i have time to sit down and plan my to do list for this following days before i off for my backpack trip..
Chic pop was great as usual..met and talk to lotsa cute and friendly seller this time
we're not so much of competitor but friends with something in common..

go shopping on weekdays~woohoo
weekend are always filled with job this month
and ney's family new business just started so he have to helped out in the shop
me too sometimes also have to show face in the shop..haha but very rare lar..
all long top look like a dress for me..
lotsa reader saw me in person all got shock.. because they say i dun look that petite in my blog
indeed i am shortie pie with very small body..hahha
all my photos bluff
wearing, contrast collar pleated top (soon selling at Reverie)
random white short match with leopard bag and flat

oh ya i decide to give up fringe and say hi to my forehead!
is time to long bit mature..im gonna be 25 soon...cannot believe~
so exited my bestie is coming over my place for few days!!!
im gonna occupied her time with lotsa shopping, eating, chatting..
cannot wait already~

CociCoci @ Mid Valley

Time to stock up your cosmetic and beauty products!
at CociCoci!

CociCoci second outlet at Mid Valley
(First located at Bukit Bintang)
CociCoci is a concept store makes a splashy hype by carrying international brands in beauty and care under one roof. (got it from their fb)
thanks Ketty for inviting~
im not a famous or paid blogger.. so i do this just to share and write as a consumer
been wanting to stock up my cosmetic stuff..i remember the last was *read here*
but i just can't find myself comfortable when i enter cosmetic counters or shops
feeling hesitate to test on the products.or encounter very mean sales assistant..
and i always give up..come out empty handed..

but today! i finally manage to complete this task! super thankful!haha
they have super friendly make-up artists in the counter that can give you advice

One of the brand really caught my eye because nice packaging always come first~agree no?
Hope Girl from Korea!
CociCoci is the 1st in Malaysia Market that bring in this brand~

i brought Hope Girl liquid eyeliner
its formulated in japan~

i've been using mac gel eyeliner but it getting smudge easily after using it half a years..and i guess is time to change..and i realize that gel eyeliner is hard to draw a sharp and curvy end..
and this liquid eyeliner is not that fine..so its easy to control and dry up fast

make-up consultant help me to apply and refine my eyeliner..
he said i have an innocent eye..haha 1st time heard ppl say that
my usual eyeliner drawing make it look more innocent and tired
i'm in doubt when he told me.. haha..
but i believe him when i see the outcome..i look "awake" and different

this guy is really good in latest make up trend and he never force us to buy..
which is very important!

Hope Girl eye shadow
to create shadow and deepest of the eye shape..
i'm not a dramatic person..this shimmering is just nice for my skin tone..

Another featuring brand at CociCoci
Essence- the number one brand in Euro
Essence cosmetics is a German brand.
They claim to make good quality products at very little prices

very affordable yet reliable brand, i've looking for review about this brand because i never heard of it.. i can say mostly are good!
another review which i think is quite true..
Essence Cosmetics is a German brand that is cheap because they don't do any advertising at all. At first glance, their prices may put some people off, thinking the product is bad, but that is not true at all.

i brought this shimmer as t-zone highlighter and its only RM14.90!!super steal!
i haven't try yet ill post my make up and hairdo video soon!
cause i received lots message asking how i do the curl in thingy..

regarding the consultant best seller are the Metallics eye shadow and Stay With Me lip gross!
price range are below RM20
but the quality is more than its price!
essence make up counter is there for you to test each products before purchase it~

another purchase.. eyelashes i always go for natural lashes..
1st thing i will choose the one without black "root"..if you know what i mean..
the black bone that holds the lashes.. and of coz not too thick and not too hard..
a good lashes with good care it will last you very long

they are kind enough to give me these Glossy BB cream tester work as highlighter..:)
i'm amaze how this cream work..the most natural highlighter i ever seen!

and professional eyebrow trimming service!
you can have your a full makeover at CociCoci at only RM100!
transform yourself into confident girl and get the basic make up knowledge!

Lucky Draw for each RM50 purchase!! valid from 22nd to 25th June only ya!
Fast! awesome prize waiting for you to draw yo~

these are what i got from the lucky draw! essence eyeshadow i can use it as lower eyeliner..
and Empro Day & Night mascara worth RM59.90!

Drop by CociCoci today if you happen to be at Bukit Bintang Walk or Mid Valley..

Like their Facebook for Latest update

and join this contest to win yourself awesome prizes!

hope you like my sharing...
back to work so many things so little times!
Thanks for supporting Reverie-online Store!!! love you girls~

Reverie- Online Store

hectic busy stress..
but is good in a way means i'm occupied with jobs
Thanks for the overwhelming response for the clothes im selling
is all sold out! Thanks so much! and so to the awesome suggestion for the name!!
i've made decision! *drumroll*
Linkas most of friend told me this project is my blood and sweat
should not just use it once..kinda wasted
yeap i decide to use back this name..thanks friends

wonder what im selling?
here a sneak preview..stay tune!
our first update will be on
Tuesday 7.30pm (psst..we cant wait so we make it earlier!)
and like our facebook page and stand a chance to win a secret gift!
i'll also have a booth at chic pop!
come for more exclusive stuff and pre-love items..

Favourite color

random day out just feeling like dolling up..
i only have 1 day in a week to get dressed up so i treasure the day very much
until i have wardrobe crisis of don't know which clothes to wear..
i spend 15min make up and hair and 1 to 2 hour decide what to wear! so ridiculous i know
coz i got lotsa nice stuff from suppliers and overseas..
i feel like wear each of them for outfit pictures...

some of you might saw my tweets that im gonna be back at blogshop
i stop because of my previous job and one of the reason is i can't find nice stuff anymore to share with you girls..so i decide to pass it to my sis..
my theory always is i sell what i love or what i would wear out...
soon im gonna setting up another blogshop but yet decide the name..any suggestion?hehe

if you wonder what i'm selling? this is 2 of it in the list
lace back shirt, mustard bodycon..
mustard, orange, turquoise is my favorite color tone right now
and i just received my orange short from my supplier today..satisfied! its super pretty!

white too is in my favorite color list too!
what color is in your list?

thanks so much for the overwhelming response..:)

Latest Job

been working harder on weekend this month
photo shoot and video shoot are booked in weekend
kersian my boyfriend have to be there with me and spend his precious weekend
he has been really supportive and helpful..i love working with him..
we communicate and tolerant more at work..
thanks ney

photoshoot for luvpercent which going to launch tonight at 8pm
kiki also the owner of room 8008 offer us this chance to do shooting for their new collection!

aren't they pretty...catch up their updates..the clothes are really nice!
they are doing wholesale and retail as well..

another commercial video shoot for a brand of my ex-colleague
we have great time at shooting! thanks peksi for this chance as well..can't wait to do the post-production

the rest of the days ill be concentrate on blog and website design
below are some of the blog i did

and more to be launch...i enjoy doing blog so much...
especially when client are happy with my service and share me at their fb/twitter/blog

Tomorrow gonna be our 5th anniversary..
time flies i never thought we can have such a long relationship...we have not planned anything on celebrations
thankful heart for such a partner i have..