Ney ney

Blessed Birthday my sweetie boyfriend!
i always laugh at you.. when you're eating/ munching something in your mouth ill say you look like a mouse, when i look at ur side profile i'll complain why you don't have chin! and i see you teeth i'll say i don't my kids have ur kinda front teeth! although i complain a lot, i love who you are, your personality, your everything!
Thanks for bringing lotsa laughter, joy, fun, sad, tears and many many more into my life!
let's continue hold our hand tight follow God's path and honor God with our relationship..
love you so much~

i love you~ muacks


  1. my image drop gao gao LOL!
    Thank youuuuuuu bb:)

  2. This is so sweet! I wish the best of you two! ≧▽≦

    **I too have bunny teeth and frog chin.. T_T sadded**

  3. haha.. the e-card is so creative and funny.. especially the conversation... can't stop laughing.. (oops sorry i din mean to laugh at ur bf but the artwork is just too cute and funny :D ) 要幸福哦 ♥

  4. So sweet and the mouse so cute! Have a blessed birthday to your bf :)

  5. hehe thanks yvon!

    lose some of the precious comment from you girls! sad!!