Color Block x Ugly Duckling

Color obsessed!
brought this new colorful jumpsuit from Ugly Duckling thanks for reminding nicole
every time i look at this jumper ill think of you..
super like it, happy color cheer up my day~

so sad i do not have any bright bag to match with..

the material is awesome..
but little loose on me..:)

very rare activity we did on weekend!
bookstore visit.. we spend some quality time at kinokuniya reading book looking for reference on traveling.. especially my coming taiwan trip, i have not much idea and whr to go..
any idea??

i sew this bright pink flat clutch just to match this jumpsuit!
and a yellow cardi to add more color~~

Ugly Duckling updated just now!!! *Click Click*
so sad the top i want already sold out! everything sold out so fast~
faster go grab!


  1. Hiya Kim! Wanna ask if you're selling the Peterpan collars you DIY-ed in a previous post :) How much if I wanna order two, one in black and another in beige? :) Thanks! Email me ya

  2. Hi, Kim~ U look cute with the jumpsuit (*v*)
    Oya, may I know the price if I want ur flat clutch? (but i want the size like ur h&m clutch) Pls email me ya! Thanks!!
    And where u buy ur watch? Love it *wink*
    Take care ya~ =)

  3. Hi! Mail me too. Regarding your flat clutch. Interested. :)

  4. i love your apple check when you smile

  5. kim~ can try visit kampungboycitygal blog to know more about where to visit in taiwan. They provide many good infos and interesting stays. ^^

  6. hey kim,i like ur green flat..whr u get it? ;)

  7. really love their cloth, But i cannot wear... too tall T___T many cloths are base on 5" height now!

  8. Hi KIM, lub your colourful jumpsuit ;) and may I know where you bought the flat ? and I m interested with the clutch you'd DIY.. Selling ? ;p

  9. Wen: Dear, you've got a mail!

    Evangeline: Hi girl but the envelop is not for sales its still not so good yet alot more to improve.. the watch my bf brought it in bkk casio you can find it at watch shop that sell casio watch..:)

    anonymous: dear its not for sales ya

    Cathy: thanks dear..that's the angle haha cheap on apple cheek

    shin ying: hi shin ying, thanks!! ya gotta start reading..

    Christine: i got long long time ago am sure its not selling anymore but you can find similar pcs at Vincci Accersories..

    Hoyoyi: ya coz a lot of shortie like me now..haha ya lo you are very tall ler..but tall have nicer clothes to wear!!

    Lynette: Hello dear, i got it sometimes ago like 2 year or can find similar colorful flat at Vincci Accersories..:) nope dear not selling..:)