Blessed Mother's Day

i know you read my blog quite often so this a post for you, my dearest mother
Thanks for everything you dedicated to the family
uncountable loves, cares and effort you did just for us to grow in better environment
is not an easy job to raised up 4 children and i must say you did a good job all by yourself..
once you give up your career just to take care of us, once you tolerate such a tough situation just to give us, your children a complete family.. and uncountable things you did for us...
i used to ask God why must my mum such a great women deserve a husband like that
and now when I've grow older i know God want you to be much stronger and even better women
you are always my role model!
i always Thanks God for such a mother like you...
Thanks mummy thank you~

Blessed Mothers Day~
we do not have big/expensive present for you, but you will always have us be your side!
we love you, mummy..


  1. Sweet :) Blessed mother's day to all the mothers~

  2. Aww, such a sweet and touching post ;)

    Aunty ! Happy Mother's Day ! *hugs*

  3. two gorgeous Lady!

    happy mother's day mama Kim!

  4. ney: :)

    yvon: u have a vy vintage and sweet post there too dear! yes blessed are the mothers..

    Lynette: thanks dear!:) hugz..

    peiyun: mommy is not hehe..:) thanks peiyun! saying on my mum's behalf haha

  5. sweetttt post! she's gonna be so proud to have u as her daughter! :D