i love malacca
i was born there actually although i grow up in JB but i still have a special feeling about this place
have to visit at least once a year just to eat eat eat!!
i've been eating way too much last 3 weekend..time to keep fit and exercise

partner in, ney and his sister
do they look alike?

our favorite chicken rice ball
i dun mind queue in the hot sun just for 3 chicken rice ball

and best chap fan stall ever!! so cheap and every dish is so tasty!
especially the char sau and asam fish

not to forget outfit too
orange tee(trendreports), pink short (room 8008)
goi for really casual but bright coz im happy mah..ehhe

camho while waiting for the sister to do some shopping..

and a really nice cafe at jonker street..
we went in to have a tea break
nice, relax and affordable!!

ruffles sheer top: dots boutique, ripped short

things i brought RM10 hat from jonker street..hehe
gotta change the ribbon..

and so happy to see this did you play this in ur childhood? i play alot!
but i realize the chemical smell is really heavy wonder why we din notice that when we were young

nuvco and udc is having special giveaway contest!!!

with awesome pawsome gift from SPAIN and cash voucher!!! oh my can i keep all for myself???hhaa
try your luck and join the contest! its easy!
i'm so so grateful to have these generous blogshop owner who support!
although we are not famous they still wiling to give us a try and support us this way!
Thanks so much!!

read more about udc here!

Wedding Dinner

attend cousin's wedding dinner at JB
been sometimes we never gather and i've not meet most of them for more than 2 years.. is queenie cousin whom i not met for more than 4 years!
but fb make us feel so close..haha

we grow up together and we spend every holiday together at singapore..

cousin mandy who love the back my dress so much

with mommy..

with newlyweds we are busy with my naughty cousins

Families.. they hardly gather and take pictures..
can't wait for ah ma 90's birthday dinner in September, time to let ah ma happy
Linkgot this super chili red dress sometimes ago from Styleinflux pre-order
but no chance to wear, elders love this dress coz its red!

hello forehead! haha
skin is getting slightly better but this picture is edited with app that irene introduce to me
super nice!!!

ok time to go back to work..


hi i'm back..
sorry for not updating i'm busy with boyfriend birthday, trip, work, and sickness
Thanks God i'm recovered except the sexy voice and sore throat
the weather is crazy nowadays please take care yourself
dun fall sick easily like me.. drink lotsa water
this post is about yellowish pictures
haha.. pictures that took in mall will normally turn out like this..

obsessed with clutch and nice detail on the mini dress

eyelet mini dress: Honey Pumpkin // nude flair short: bkk //
crochet socks: daiso//envelop clutch: random blogshop

oh ya the boyfriend got his hair dye!! its a really big new for us..coz he always go no-no to hair dye and remember he threaten me abt my hair! and now he join the brown-hair group it is a break-thru for him..hahaha

was another meet up sweetie ketty on weekdays!
had a really great chatting, sharing and shopping session with her.. love it!
i love knowing friends thru blog! today i just met cutie irene..
you girls are just so lovely
i remember once i prayed to God that i need more girlfriends so i can share my thoughts, my buys, my life with..and yes He answer my prayers..
i treasure every each one of you

another yellowish pictures...

im gonna be outstation again this weekend..
gotta attend my cousin's wedding at JB
i having too many pending stuff, sorry dear for those who i still owe you design/artwork/email or whatever i'll catch up the pace please give me little more time..

Girl About Town :)

welcome back blogger! i can't really live with you..
please restore back my precious comments too..
i actually planning to do blogshop review sometimes ago..but i scare i can't manage but since im now available so i dig out every single thing i plan and wish to do
ill have several collaboration with a few blogshop coming soon..

Topshop Inspired Peter Pan Scallop Top

as you know im crazy with bright color right now and this top come into my wardrobe just in time
wearing it with udc polka dot skort and platform heel..

still play safe on color everyone can accept with this kinda look, no?
pair it with high waist short

and also ripped denim short for casual look for simple dinner/lunch with family
bold with colors.. i think yellow and coral is kinda matchy, agree?

Girl About Town
visit them for this scallop trim top!
you might notice i helped them to create a new layout, and branding logo...
i'm quite happy with the outcome..hope you too ya
Enjoy your shopping~


oh ya did you notice my new hair color..
what you see in the pictures actually are lighter because of flash and color editing
the real color is like really black! almost 100% black! even my own natural hair is not as black as that..i have natural dark brown hair..
i've been keeping my hair in brown, lighter brown, ash brown, hazel brown all kinda brown for this 4 years.. i still cannot accept this kinda black hair i have now every time i look into the mirror..

attached some meaningless outfit pictures so you view my hair better..haha
(white crop top: online, full skirt with crochet trim:chatuchak)

see the end.. oh-so-black cannot tahan
the reason why is because my hair is too dry and frizzy it look worse with lighter color..
so my hair stylist advice me to have darker shade and take this period of time to take care of my hair before i can dye for lighter shade next round...
so i took the advice..and its true with darker color my hair look less frizzy and much easy to maintain

(Flora Top: online, pleated side dusty pink short:Taiwan)
but the cons are i look like typical school girl, and my face look rounder and my skin look even darker! which is no good.. i actually have the urge to dye it lighter myself..
but every time the boyfriend's face will appear telling me by the time he marry me ill be a botak bride (he threaten me you see.haha)result of too much of hair dye as i've dropping unusual amount of hair for last 2 month

(White Top: bluberry,bansar/ random white short:sunway pyramid)
so i better be good girl forget all my desire of dyeing it again to protect my kersian hair
take care your hair my dear.. dun be like me!hahha sound like drug ad or something

Hello Weekend~

Ney ney

Blessed Birthday my sweetie boyfriend!
i always laugh at you.. when you're eating/ munching something in your mouth ill say you look like a mouse, when i look at ur side profile i'll complain why you don't have chin! and i see you teeth i'll say i don't my kids have ur kinda front teeth! although i complain a lot, i love who you are, your personality, your everything!
Thanks for bringing lotsa laughter, joy, fun, sad, tears and many many more into my life!
let's continue hold our hand tight follow God's path and honor God with our relationship..
love you so much~

i love you~ muacks

The genes

other than staying at home facing the computer and work whole day with my dear colleague PPS
sometimes i date friend or sister for shopping, lunch, catching up or anything!
just of getting doll up
one more thing i miss from working in the office is wake up every morning having headache what to wear! i simply love that kinda headache..haha
when i wear something i'm confident with i will happy whole day! and i buy buy buy to avoid serious headache..hehhe
i think this genes is from my mom too! and also my grandmother!
both of them loves to shop, my grandma use to buy at least one clothes per day and now my mum do the same thing she buy at least 3 pieces of top/bottom per week! when i ask her why buy so many! you wear new clothes to work everyday! and her clothes occupied half of my wardrobe!
you know what she told me? " i love the smell of new clothes!" hahahha
oh my i couldn't believe that come from my mom and that become my best excuse when i come back home with bags of new clothes or when postman keep sending me parcel!
she cant say anything!
but now i shop less! like so little! i think so much and so long before i made any purchase!
that the cons of doing freelance!!

see haha i prefer to sit outside the mall to smell fresh air! how can!haha
ignore that paper bag that's the pressie i plan to gift mummy

i try not to try on any clothes while waiting for sister/friend in the fitting room
i choose to camho as i know once i tested i'm tempted!

and i always go home empty handed..
but i still go mall to get an idea what my favorite brand are selling..
i try to dig out clothes that i less wore last time mix and match with new items
i know you girls do notlike to see repeat outfit right!haha

crop polka dots top: bangkok
high waist short: Room 8008
love this short! always wanted a nice pair of black high waist short! its so versatile!
thanks kiki, Room 8008 i found one! wearing it so often..
platform wedges: Agape Boutique
red envelop clutch: handmade

super love this outfit pictures
my sis catch the moment im amaze normally this kinda angle i look short and un-proportional! have to frame this photo up..ahha jk

and i'm so blessed! i manage to survive last month, manage to pay all my commitment: cars, credit card, phone bill all by my freelance income and offering and also saving ! ihavesaving!
so Thankful! Thanks God!

again i do not know what coming up next in this month
all i do is have faith and believe..

ok i shall award myself tomorrow for hair dye/cut/treatment session and Ugly Duckling update tomorrow! im gonna get myself something!

Blessed Mother's Day

i know you read my blog quite often so this a post for you, my dearest mother
Thanks for everything you dedicated to the family
uncountable loves, cares and effort you did just for us to grow in better environment
is not an easy job to raised up 4 children and i must say you did a good job all by yourself..
once you give up your career just to take care of us, once you tolerate such a tough situation just to give us, your children a complete family.. and uncountable things you did for us...
i used to ask God why must my mum such a great women deserve a husband like that
and now when I've grow older i know God want you to be much stronger and even better women
you are always my role model!
i always Thanks God for such a mother like you...
Thanks mummy thank you~

Blessed Mothers Day~
we do not have big/expensive present for you, but you will always have us be your side!
we love you, mummy..

Random Wednesday~

all the collars are done and send out today..:)
before all are send out i decide to take some pictures for them
since the natural sunlight in living room is so nice today..

black crochet collar

beige collar with white crochet..

i have red and pink polka dot for myself.. but not complete yet
still open for order ya..

since i have the light, the props and everything ready
not to waste the effort i take out more stuff to shoot

Soap & Glory Flake Away Scrub
& body Moisturizer spray from Sephora, love their retro pink packaging so much..
i have really really dry skin especially my legs are super duper dry
and the skin cracks like snake skin sometimes.. geli right
and this
Flake Away Scrub's tagline("Transform your scary leg from reptilian to Radiant!") attract me to buy it! its exactly what i needed..
been using it for more a week..the result are yet to be seen..
hope it work out well on me..:)

got my vintage brown clutch at really good price! love it max..

and i need i try to sew myself like what i mention last post
but im not selling it coz its still not perfect yet.. i need to search for better inner card..

another sewing product chiffon maxi and short inner lining
still finding a chance to wear it out..:)
and below are really random stuff i shoot

doll gifted by Patty
Linkrandom leopard sunglasses and Vintage clock chain from The Old Blossom

random flag i made for deco.. & conceptual shooting..

and a photo frame boyfriend brought me sometimes ago is replace with new photo of us
his birthday is coming.. still stuck with the pressie and where to celebrate.. :( and mother's day too!

oh ya! remember to support NUVCO.NET