Friday Activities

Last Friday i follow bf to their company party at Luna Bar
was my first time there..

had dinner and they have some games going on
i choose to sit and daydream..

and camwhore with the boyfriend when the games are over..

his 1st time in bow..handmade by me 1st time i sew something for him..
but he gave it to me after that night.. coz he is not gonna wear it again..

there's a dress code that night too..
formal on the top and beach wear for bottom...

i know im not following the rule..but i cant accept myself wearing my ugly flip flop i give up..but not to wear too over so i go for little casual...hehe
oh ya that's my favorite hair for the moment..kinda fed up with my frizzy and dry hair..

wearing croset top:online // kintted cardi: Zara // flora short: sister's

thanks dear for the night..

Blessed Easter, dearies~
Easter Day which is today,
a day we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ because he rise from death!


  1. u look OMGSOGODAMNSWEET!!!!!!

  2. may i know where you bought the heels from? they're so pretty.

  3. i like this style~~~

    kim, blog about how you do ur hair laa...
    i wanna learn!!~~~

  4. Nice outfit :) and your hair style so nice

  5. Great Blog! loving your blogging style! you look great in every single outfit of yours!
    wondering why don't you put a fb link? or publish your blog in your fb? you will gain more reader for sure! you deserve more!

    *bookmarked* your page!

    with love,

  6. Awww~~ both of u look so sweet~ =)

    Hey, I got same cardi like urs but I never know it can match like this!
    U look pretty! Love ur outfit so much! *wink* <3

  7. Another outstanding outfit ❤
    love, janice

  8. Sherlyn: whr got so sweet! u are sweeter!

    keavie: from here dear!

    bee: haha my hair is grass wor..i simply do wan wor not pro dunno how to do tutorial oso..:(

    Merlion: yeap Merlion i love it too..

    Joyce:Thanks dear! :)

    Helen: flatten! thanks for the words dear actually i dun mind ppl read ornot ler!thanks for suggestion dear

    Evangeline: thanks dear! thanks for your words!!

    Janice: thanks janice, ❤ u