when i'm lazy

im sure you're tired looking at me having make up and dress up properly right
and getting really bored with outfit post with full of my me..
here today i feeling bold and wanted to show you some ugly of me..

i do have time feeling lazy to make up and dress up..

without face coz my expression look really cannot...

haha.. hope you will not get shock and spoil your friday after looking at me
ok enough of me

let you see smth really nice!
my second collaboration with de.blue!
i love concept thingy..
honestly i feel natural shooting in park or garden is kinda boring
thanks elvin and connie for giving me this chance accepting my proposal and be bold with family portraits!
this time we play sailor nautical !!
since it summer season and i think this theme quite suitable for young family
fun, young and cute!
i enjoy creating and searching up and down for props
they are so cute right?
and of coz a great photographer shoot amazing photos! Thanks shuwan!
video will coming soon real soon..:)

Friday Activities

Last Friday i follow bf to their company party at Luna Bar
was my first time there..

had dinner and they have some games going on
i choose to sit and daydream..

and camwhore with the boyfriend when the games are over..

his 1st time in bow..handmade by me 1st time i sew something for him..
but he gave it to me after that night.. coz he is not gonna wear it again..

there's a dress code that night too..
formal on the top and beach wear for bottom...

i know im not following the rule..but i cant accept myself wearing my ugly flip flop out..so i give up..but not to wear too over so i go for little casual...hehe
oh ya that's my favorite hair for the moment..kinda fed up with my frizzy and dry hair..

wearing croset top:online // kintted cardi: Zara // flora short: sister's

thanks dear for the night..

Blessed Easter, dearies~
Easter Day which is today,
a day we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ because he rise from death!

Peter Pan Collar New Owner & Boe love

Time to pick a winner, everyone is equally awesome!!!
to make this fair, gotta use this random number generator to generate out the lucky one!!
everyone is given a number accordingly as below..

1. Carol / 2. Janice/ 3. mei ping/ 4. Blur Pei /5.Amelia/ 6.Sha-ron/ 7.Ryokobunny/ 8.sherlyn /9. Ping Ping /10.Mint/ 11.Shatirah/ 12.MinYen/ 13.Cuiℱanℊ / 14. Ashley/ 15.Weiwen / 16.m@y-in /17.Boe /18.Syndy /19. Angel

Congrats to Shatirah from Dstation!!

Thanks for all the feedback!! i read every single one and put it in mind!!!
i'll try my best to improve and blog more...
for those who was not picked dun sad k! i promise if i will do more handmade stuff in future for giveaway section! if you really interest to get it email kim0921@gmail.com for make to order, thanks!

tadaa.. girly girly tea session with cutie boe at full house
at first kinda phobia of this place..because this the place my ex-company have shooting
dun like the place and the food but i have admit is a great place for photoshooting lar..
since our plan A cafe close down so last min we choose full house
and because of this cute girl i dun care where we gonna meet! haha
thanks for her bf who took all the photo for us so sad i did brought my dslr along but not the memory card! *punch self*
enjoy talking with her!! must meet more k..:)
wearing: cardi: cotton on, peterpan collar sheer top: Ugly Duckling, bow front short: online, straw briefcase & moccasin flat : JB
new place at home for outfit photo! *happy*

New Toy & Detachable Peter Pan Collar

im so happy supper happy of my new toy that mummy got for me
been some times since she last gift me anything even on my birthday i hardly received present
im no complaining.. i know i'm able to afford things i need..
surprisingly she offer to buy me a brand new sewing machine! so happy wanna cry but she keep saying is a 嫁妆 !haha
the sewing machine that i used previously was 20years old! and it a very dramatic/emotional machine! i've gave up using it sometimes ago even my mum too..
so we went online searching and offline survey..
tadaa..this is what she got for me..

Brother INNOV-IS 50
Touchpad Enabled Sewing Machine with Creative Functions (copy from site)
A Computerised Sewing Machine that made sewing job easy breezy beautiful! haha
haven't experiment on other function yet! gonna attend a class on how to use to machine next week

this is what i did this morning! Detachable Peter Pan Collar!

how i match my collars!!!love em much!! wht do you think?

wearing: knitted cardi: Zara, white top: Cotton On, suede red short: Girl About Town
love this short so much!!! the material is great and so easy to match..more on the short in nuvco!featuring Girl About Town

a simple tank top turn into a cute one simply with peter pan collar!

A give away contest to you, my dear readers if you wish to own it!
only 1 will be given out~and you can choose the color if you are the winner!
i have black/pale pink and beige colors

all you need to do is easy! comment in this post with answer for below question
1. tell me what color of the collar you wish to own and how would you match it!
2. what you wish to read more in my blog?

Closed at Tuesday 10pm

Blessed Sunday dearies
missed church today :( fever attack..

Time for a break

just wake up from a nap.. Thanks God no more headache for me
starting my freelance life
i try to be discipline go to bed and wake up like normal working people..
and i have a human alarm clock to call and ask me to go to bed and wake me up in the morning that's my boyfriend..
so far so good! hope it last long ~
of coz i still watch pps and chatting while doing job hehhe..i love multitasking..
i eat lunch with pps, relax with pps while reading online magazine..
pps is my colleague at work!
i do miss my ex-colleague at work get dress up for work, chatting while doing job..

i only have weekend to go out of the house to have some fresh air and sunshine and dress up..
taking photos and spending time with boyfriend is a must..
we only get to spend time together on saturday..
Sunday will always for friends..hehe since i will not have monday blue anymore
no matter how tired after sunday services ill still have some times with friends..
and let the boyfriend go back home alone for sunday nap..

although i have not much job on hand
but miracle always happens..right after i prayed..
job started to come in..prayers are powerful..Praise God
i always believe that doing freelance is all about surrender and have faith
i will not know will it be enough for me to survive by end of the month but one thing i know
i will surely Thanks God for everything at the end of the day..
His Grace is Enough for me

today met my ex-colleague for a project brief..
its fun and something that we did before like Reverie,
hope the collaboration turn out well
im so blessed with people who believing in me around and giving me support

such a random post about my thoughts right now
okie outfit:
white lace top (boutiques), ripped denim (Queen La Moss), shoe (Vincci Accessories)

will try to blog more~
noted down all my thoughts and feeling

Lotsa outfit

did a very quick outfit shooting for nuvco.net
my spring and summer look

go to nuvco.net for more..

Random happy thing

Happy thing #1
farewell dinner with favorite colleague
yy and yun

satisfied our korea crave at Bon Ga, solaris Mont Kiara

we are 3 happy resigned staff
yy my ex-am, loving, caring and sweet! haha i know you're reading! im telling the truth!
so happy to see her again today! even more pretty!hhaha..feel happy from bottom of my heart..

yun my partner in crime..
we always have big issue to discuss during office hour and we will meet at a secret place..haha
All the best in future and keep in touch ok! love you girls!

Happy thing #2

Finally met patty, lullabelle owner my client too..
she is so talented in doing natural handmade product..
i got this natural lip gross with my own printing on it for my ex-colleague as farewell gift
hope they love it.. and patty also give me her handmade soap product and a very cute hp chain as a gift to me..so sweet of her..

Happy thing #3
since i'm starting my freelance life..
i need a proper workplace for me to sit there whole day..
so i clean up my messy table and my territory are

although my dream of having my own room is not gonna come true so soon
but i'm thankful enough..

table for miscellaneous stuff

random storage and bag place..
i really hope my freelance last at least enough for me to pay installment
i offer blog revamp, graphic design, or anything you need to design feel free to contact me
kim0921@gmail.com or visit here for my portfolio

Happy thing #4
since i have more time for myself is time to do something i wish and want to do
feel so thankful that i manage to gather a few chinese ed blogger to contribute in a portal
thanks you so much for giving me chance babes~
basically we do sharing about fashion, lifestyle, event and anything..
and this is the reason why i ask do u girl know mandarin..hehe thanks so much for your feedback...

i dunno how far this project will go..but ill try my best to make it work out..
yes we are not expert just simply sharing about what we know and what we love...
if you're interested to be part of us please let me know!
will be launching this sunday..stay tune ya!

stay happy~