Have Faith

finally another exhausted week passed..now i should concentrate in doing handover stuff and settle all the final task...cant wait!!!
this is a torture place indeed..i Thanks God that i've made this decision to leave at this time
i think my sight of losing passion at work is when the management brief on certain new project i just don't feel like involve..i feel like run away from it
when this kinda sight appear in my mind or heart..the decision of leaving became stronger and firm
this happen to my previous job too..
this is my 2nd time to become a freelancer
1st time which take about 3 months only the delay of payment just scare me away coz that time i do not have much saving i do not want to eat grass or stay at home become rice worm so i jump back to full time
this round i have little much saving and giving myself longer timeline, hectic schedule and lot of project although i know all this does not provide me much income but i wish to learn 2 have faith..i adore one of my bestie shuwan who now a freelance photographer her faith and her trust to God are so firm and strong..
i can feel tension and stress now..a lot of worries what if the project does not work out? what if my learning is less than my commitment..lot of what if..
okie shall stop my mumbling

kinda love navy blue recently...
i always have a very bad mood pictures in my outfit photo..
i think it match well with red..
red cardigan: cotton on
stripe top: Topshop
navy blue trouser: sungai wang
scraf: Topshop
red pump: thrifed BCBG
how i wish to have someone to take outfit photo for me everyday..
been so long i never camwhore..i look like old granny in most of the pictures.. haih old jor..
weekend is here what you planning to do?
there's hot air balloon festival at putrajaya, but i cant go coz the boy is working on Saturday!


  1. gal..i like ur style so mUch..jia you hehe..

  2. you look cute


  3. Gal, continue to have faith in God. Commit to God always in what ever u too. I always will try to remind myself too. I still not brave enuf to do any freelance. Scare will eat grass.. :)

  4. omg i love love love your outfit! :)