Chic Pop 7

i've been all the chic pop bazaar...
i always go as a shopper..with different different kaki/patners
but this time im gonna be vendor!
hehe..ill be selling a lot of stuff.. brand new from oversea
/pre-love from RM15!! come help me clear my wardrobe!
will selling this imported old rose blazer and black ripped high waist short!

only selling the 1 and only piece coz i kept one for myself!

super love this awesome piece of blazer!
i wore this out today and more than 3 girls asking where i got it from!

versatile black high waist always girls best friend!

come and greet me at chic pop...i wun bite..ehhehe..
a simple hello make my day~

see you there~

Icthy hand

my blog become so boring, but im trying to update more rather than once a week
i only have outfit to share no life to share haha
i'm a boring girl with boring life
monday to friday work like cow, at night do freelance stuff Friday night go cellgroup
Saturday if din date girlfriend and the boyfriend is working then ill prefer to stay in and complete my freelance job, i'm a 宅女
Sunday go to church half day then nap and dinner
so boring right?!
so hard to find a time to dress up
for working, normally i dress very casual coz everyone dress like tat in the office
colleague from other department keep telling me that why i look so pale and 'chan' throughout the whole year
i dunno why but seems like everybody turn out to be like tat after working here for sometimes..
and we agree that after submitting our resign letter we will become prettier and back to normal right at that moment...we feel lighter!

being girly
this the only clear images
that day i drop our camera on the floor when im busy bqq'ing
and now the internal flash can't be opened anymore..:( guilty max
time for external flash i think...

blur but i like

this shoe shop at the back selling really nice flats!
wearing eyelet with lace detail crop top, pleated skirt, bag from sis, flora wedges..

1. Flora jumper- Miss Selfidge
i wonder where all my flora thingy went
2. Flora Dress- Zara
3. peeo toe wedges- Joyce shop
4. Peach Blouson Blouse- Miss Selfidge
i've tried this! almost brought it..but..
5. full skirt
7. crochet flar-Topshop
this is so cute! like baby shoe!
8. big envelop clutch- Joyce Shop
9. Aztec Print Sleevless Gilet -Topshop
love the print!
10. Red Trouser- Topshop
i wonder am i dare to wear this..

i can only stare at these pretty stuff cannot buy! coz i gotta save for coming battle!
i hope i can sew my own clothes/dress so i can save yet having new clothes!

need your help! just a short and small question how many of you can read/write mandarin???

Hard Feeling


现在大家长大了 见面的机会变少了



分隔两地 很难碰面
幸好现在有fb 和msn不然真的会失联

Have Faith

finally another exhausted week i should concentrate in doing handover stuff and settle all the final task...cant wait!!!
this is a torture place indeed..i Thanks God that i've made this decision to leave at this time
i think my sight of losing passion at work is when the management brief on certain new project i just don't feel like involve..i feel like run away from it
when this kinda sight appear in my mind or heart..the decision of leaving became stronger and firm
this happen to my previous job too..
this is my 2nd time to become a freelancer
1st time which take about 3 months only the delay of payment just scare me away coz that time i do not have much saving i do not want to eat grass or stay at home become rice worm so i jump back to full time
this round i have little much saving and giving myself longer timeline, hectic schedule and lot of project although i know all this does not provide me much income but i wish to learn 2 have faith..i adore one of my bestie shuwan who now a freelance photographer her faith and her trust to God are so firm and strong..
i can feel tension and stress now..a lot of worries what if the project does not work out? what if my learning is less than my commitment..lot of what if..
okie shall stop my mumbling

kinda love navy blue recently...
i always have a very bad mood pictures in my outfit photo..
i think it match well with red..
red cardigan: cotton on
stripe top: Topshop
navy blue trouser: sungai wang
scraf: Topshop
red pump: thrifed BCBG
how i wish to have someone to take outfit photo for me everyday..
been so long i never camwhore..i look like old granny in most of the pictures.. haih old jor..
weekend is here what you planning to do?
there's hot air balloon festival at putrajaya, but i cant go coz the boy is working on Saturday!

Pancake crave

meeting violet dear for girl outing..
always wanted to blog about our date
but i loss the photos last sad!and finally i manage to blog this time
she is one of my favorite girl in secondary school
had our late lunch at Paddington pancake
apparently both our boyfriend do not like this pancake
so we take this opportunity to fulfill our pancake crave
happy violet with yummy pancake..
the lighting is too dim for pictures..
our dessert
mix fruits dollar pancake
Bacon & Egg Galetes
Thanks dear for the great day!!! so coincidence we are looking for baby clothes for friend's baby
enjoy the baby's stuff shopping together so much!!!
love this bag from Creampuff Wardrobe
(great place to dig vintage goodies!)
Shoe from vincci accessories
kinda regret didn't work there..they stuff are getting more n more tempting!
Crochet top from Bluey Joyce
and this apricot crochet high waist short from teetoo, sunway pyramid!
super love this short..the crochet is so matchy with the top..hehe

my heart goes with the people in japan,
earthquake and natural disaster happening here and matter how smart or how good is man trying to prevent or predict, we cant fight against God's plan everyday is a gift
let's pray for Japan
Blessed week...

Can't get enough leopard stuff

woohoo another 12 days to be free from work.. can't wait! i have so many plans and things to do although i'm not sure which one is gotta work

i know spring is here but im still in love with brown, black, khakis and of coz leopard thingy been wearing this lotsa times but nvr took a proper outfit shoot, hopefully starting april i can post my outfit weeklyi look very pale here.. like no make up but i still love over-explosure..

Chiffon top: Ugly Duckling, Ripped short: Queen La Moss\

leopard crazy-flat: vincci, bag: online, scaft: sungai wang

1 thing wanna share , i try this yu ren sheng Puri5 fiber drink...coz i always have digestion problem..i dun go toilet (big) quite often.. and this fiber thingy really help a lot!! like so effective of coz not immediately but right after 8 hour i gotta visit toilet for sure...while having this i eat less drink a lot of water and a little exersices now almost 2 week i loss some promotes digestion and absorption really well! at least for me it is...hopefully i do not need to rely on it after 1 month ..go try if you have same problem as mine..

Girl Scout

my cousins from singapore and perth are here to meet us
so we take them around town doing nothing but shopping and a lot of shopping
i wonder is there any tourist place in KL they can visit..but we just cant think of any..
pavilion the must visit mall they love it..
ya singapore/aussie have more place to shop but the convert rate is the tempting part i think
meet sister tien surprise she's wearing same color scheme with me..
my cousin from aussie this was our 1st meet surprise no?hehe
long long family stories..

favourite cousin..she just like a big sister to all of us..whenever we went to singapore she will always bring us out buy us stuff and feed us good food..
finally she here visit us so we try our best to entertain her..hehe

i look so sad

wearing scarf from Topshop, scallop trim Topshop, pleated navy short, bag & belt and shoe from bkk

another 1 month no is 3 weeks to be exact before i left this company
gonna plan my future.. and pray hard
have to pick out daily devotion back

oh ya
Happy Birthday Sweetie Violet! cant wait to meet you this saturday~
May God bless you and enjoy ur day with ur love one! hugz..