Blessed Valentine's Day

Happy V day everyone..
actually i agree with this every much
but for me Valentine can also bring a little spark in the relationship..
special dining, gift exchange, saying sweet word to each other
Thanking God for such a partner He provide you in this stage of your life...
this is our 4th anniversary while we marching in the 5th year of our relationship
i force the boy to give me at least one/satu/一个 and only surprise..since he is not a romantic guy i actually don't expect much.. so anything will do..hehe
another set of pictures we took...:)
He is a guy that i can share everything in my life
He is the guy that always make me laugh
IMG_8355 He is the guy that always give me what he think is best
IMG_8339 IMG_8334
He is the guy that i wish to spend my every happy/sad moment with
He is the guy i wish i can grow old with
He is the guy that always remind to read bible and pray
He is the guy that always give me a shoulder to lean when i'm tired or cry
everyday I love you a little bit more
(i'm a gif)

I thank God every time I remember you
(Philippians 1:3)


  1. happy valentine's day Kim. Your bf is a Christian too? That's good so that both of u can courage each other with God's word. :) Stay sweet

  2. hapi valentine day .. both of u so sweet!!

  3. Happy Valentine's Day!! You two are so sweet! ^^

    p/s: I found that your bf looks like one of the champion of 超级星光大道, named 胡夏! hehe

  4. happy VALENTINE !
    and , sweet pichasssssssssssss ♥

  5. Dear Kim, both of you and your bf are really sweet and looks funny too =D May happiness be with you always and enjoy you valentine ~~

    p/s: Thanks for the email reply about the BKK, really appreciate it =)

  6. hey kim,found tat ur bf kind looks like the new singer from 星光 show..his name is 胡夏~ :P
    btw happy valentine day..wish u two sweet2 4ever^^

  7. hey kim, happy valentine's day! You and your boyfriend is so sweet together! :)

    Just wondering if you were influenced by your boyfriend to convert to christian? My boyfriend is also a christian but I'm not and I'm worried it will affect us in future. I wish I can have the same beliefs as him but I'm not comfortable with converting just for the sake of our relationship. :(

  8. Yvon: To you too my dear, yeap he is a Christian too ya Thanks God for that really..he always encourage me with God's abt u deaR?

    Zeo:thanks Zoe..:)

    Anonymous: tq..

    Ivy: yes u and ur bf also vy sweet! ya i go n google haha got abit similar mayb they same style gua..hehe

    amee: u too darl!

    JAnice: Thanks Janice..thanks for writing me a mail..had replied hope it help k! and anything u need help or infor do not hesitate to ask me ya

    Christine:hello christine, haha 2nd person..i also found abit look alike..
    u too sweet sweet with ur bf forever!

    anonymous: hello there..:)
    nope..i actually convert to christian before him,actually we both came from non-christian family.. and my bf experience God himself and decide to believe..
    yes i agree not to convert for the sake for relationship.. do not worry for future coz God has His plan for everything, maybe you can open urself 2 know more about Christianity or read bible just to know more abt ur bf's religion and what he belief..maybe one day you will experience God yourself :)
    God bless you my dear~

  9. i wonder who is the photograher behind the camera took all these beautiful pictures. mind to tell?

  10. wat camera u use??:) u re sweet^^

  11. wow so many anoymous wonder who u are same or diff person?

    1st anonymous: nobody but the wireless remote control! u might be seeing my boyf holding it in some of the pictures..:)

    2nd anonymous: ok updated..:)

    3rd Anonymous:its canon eos550d..

  12. hey dear, juz read your replied.
    Nope, my bf not a Christian. Anyway, can we contact in email? If dun mind, pls give me ur email or you could email me at

  13. Awwww... Sweet sweet sweet.. Love the last picture the most <3