Random dinner

La Risata, Ampang

kinda love their interior..

been eating alot and loss control these day
gaining lotsa kgs..

he say he like this photo and i like it too

Insalata di rucola ezucca
sald with roasted pumkin, pinenuts and cheese...

Spaghetti con arracosta
spaghetti with lobster, chili & olive oil

ney's order
Bracioline D'agnello
Grilled lambchop

the food is ok for us..
but this spoil everything

creme brulee
we do not like this too sweet and greasy or maybe we are too full for this...

there have nice retro looking seating area...

thanks boyf for the great night..

and random little present he got for me..

see i told you i gain weight see my leg! haih..cannot gotta eat less and exercise
wearing leopard sheer top, rosette skirt (old blossom box) & cluth (h & m)

so exhausted been spending 2 days out with cousins from singapore and aussie
but its all worth!
enjoy the time talking and shopping with them! i love family gathering!

and end with this vain picture of my
i seldom look good with flash but this is the one out of so many
so must post hehe..and the hair is love thanks to my hair stylist who take 1 hr to blow this hair
shall off to bed.. i slept less than 5 hour this weekend! and no..tml have to work!!!

Interested no?

got few pieces of nice stuff from my friend from oversea
she is kinda enough to go to all the troble in order to sent out this parcel of clothes to me
i grab a few so here are those that i wan to share with you girls..
wondering why am im not selling it in trendreports?
hehe i wanna give you girls privilege mah and one of the reason is because my sis is doi the business there so i don't wanna kacau her
might starting up a new blog shop bringing exclusive stuff from oversea..
so please stay tune..

Mostly are topshop inspired tell you what they even have the excatly topshop label on

Topshop inspired Leopard sheer top with zip
(-last piece- pending)

Topshop inspired peterpan collar sheer dress
(sold 2 each color left 1 each color) grab it fast..
i think i should take better pictures for this dress..

Chiffon scallop wing top
(-sold out-)

Pleated skirt
(-sold out-)

lastly pleated skirt/short in navy
(-sold out-)

very limited pieces for each design
email me for price if you're intrested..kim0921@gmail.com

oh ya now i have Photobucket pro..so no more hosting failure!!!*happy*
have a blessed weekend!!!

Rêverie (Daydream)

i though this might be another daydream i had
but no i make it true and complete..Thanks God
is not about how great is the design, pictures, video
is about how to make a dream come true..
i shall continue daydream and surrender my dream to God
Rêverie-beige dress Rêverie-beige mix match
Reverie divided to 3 series..you can differentiate from the garment and backdrop design
Rêverie-turqious mix match
color scheme are turquoise, pale pink and beige
Rêverie-crochet trim dress2
main detail are crochet trim, scallop hem, pleated
Rêverie-crochet trim dress

Rêverie-pale pink top
really grateful to have shuwan from de.blue as the photographer
thanks for all the great pictures
Rêverie-black collar (pleated top)
the 3rd series are more energetic, fun and young..
Rêverie-scallop trim(top)
Thanks bee for being really supporting..
she handle every different mood and pose very very well...
Rêverie-black collar (pleated top2)
i think i should credit tea & sympathy for this collar
got it last year..
Rêverie-turqiouse scallop dress
oh ya..Reverie manage to enter
Book of Malaysia Creative Talent
Rêverie-scallop trim(top2)
love her perfect feature

above are part of the pictures..
for more photos please click and watch this video
would really appreciate that you can spend little times on it..

hope you enjoy the photos and video

Random pictures..

i have tons of pictures that waiting for me to edit & post but im too lazy to upload since my flickr account is again hit the limit.. im busy doing final editing the photo and video for Rêverie..feel really sorry to my model and those who email me, ask and encourage me about this project i know i have delay it for so long and guess what now? my adobe premier is giving me a headache..it just failed to render a particular part of the video...anyone can help?


anyway above are some pictures i tooks this few month with phone..

#1 random outfit for movie screening with ney and his colleague..unicorn top is love!

#2 we watched Yogi Bear a movie that the boy's company involve in..we waited to the end for the credit just to wait their names appear on the screen..:)

#3 bit farewell to beloved colleague sophia..she is such a darling sister to me..All the best to you~

#4 cutie issac who always ask me where's the cat ler? whenever he saw me..the cat in my phone he mean and he told one of the brother im the pretty girl..argh..im so happy!!!jump up and down

#5 random lunch i had after recovered from chicken pox.. i can nvr finish a large set of mcd and this the day i broke my record..and snowflake for dessert!

#6 having socks obsessive- keep buying and looking for socks...and enjoy wearing it to work..keep me warm..

#7 The sims 3 i spend most of my night and weekend on it! so addictive ...once i thinking of to delete the whole thing..coz i lost my focus! i have plenty of job should be done...

#8 me, sister and mum in the car trying to act happy.. we have been squeezing in the car for 4 hour to reach Singapore..

gonna be another week working like robot...:)

i wonder how many ppl actually enjoy their job..me?no of coz?

got a job recommendation, i know is my kind of job but am still wondering...

Blessed Valentine's Day

Happy V day everyone..
actually i agree with this every much
but for me Valentine can also bring a little spark in the relationship..
special dining, gift exchange, saying sweet word to each other
Thanking God for such a partner He provide you in this stage of your life...
this is our 4th anniversary while we marching in the 5th year of our relationship
i force the boy to give me at least one/satu/一个 and only surprise..since he is not a romantic guy i actually don't expect much.. so anything will do..hehe
another set of pictures we took...:)
He is a guy that i can share everything in my life
He is the guy that always make me laugh
IMG_8355 He is the guy that always give me what he think is best
IMG_8339 IMG_8334
He is the guy that i wish to spend my every happy/sad moment with
He is the guy i wish i can grow old with
He is the guy that always remind to read bible and pray
He is the guy that always give me a shoulder to lean when i'm tired or cry
everyday I love you a little bit more
(i'm a gif)

I thank God every time I remember you
(Philippians 1:3)

CNY buy

not much pictures taken in cny...im waiting my cousin to pass it to me..
coz i forget to bring my dslr to Singpore..
basically this year dont have cny feel..in my family i mean..
watch lotsa cny movie at home, lotsa eating, not much visiting..i spend most of my time the sims and doing design...and now i'm back to work and normal life..
but holiday is never enough! agree no?
but i'm looking forward for my super long holiday after april!!! i had submit my resign letter before cny break..and this time i'm persist no one can stop me or persuade me
no i'm not planing to find another job so soon.. and i dunno how am i gonna survive
but i believe God will provide...i simply believe..
ok pictures time..
again The Gardens and MV my bf favorite hangout place..
bring my family there for movie for the very 1st time!
笑着回家is a great movie to watch at chinese new year..
i dunno why my pictures turn out like that..but im too lazy to r-eupload..
IMG_8531 copy
wearing sweat top with black mesh, highwaist short, h&m clutch & loafer flatIMG_8524 copy
love this top at 1st sign..especially the mesh patch on the shoulder and wa
IMG_8529 copy

IMG_8654 copy
my cny buy..no cny feel at all right..
all are dull earthy color..
but i'm super happy with all the purchase!

valentine is next week! how you gonna celebrate with you love one?

Vintage Picnic

how's your chinese new year?
mine was great just got back from singapore spent quality time with family..
but too bad not much photo taken cause i forget to bring the camera! sad max
another few days left before back to work! gotta treasure every minutes at home..

went shooting with ney last week
manage to dig all this vintage looking stuff from both our house..
i love conceptual thingy in photos..it help to create better illustration and story telling
a little help of props can create a different effect..
IMG_8206 copy
the magical props..
macaron from levain, ney's daddy antique camera, flower, paper dolls & vintage toys, straw suitcase
i enjoy searching high and low for props.. they give me 'umh' to do shooting
of coz matching outfit is super duper important!
lovely tops from Ugly Duckling Closet
loving the crochet collar and vintage prints on the top..
Vintage Pinic


sorry for inconsistent color effect
i'm playing with different editing...


IMG_8282 IMG_8281 IMG_8279

wearing vintage top (Ugly Duckling Closet), ripped denim short (Queen La Moss), knee socks ( Taiwan) , beige oxford (Bkk), vintage suitcase (JB)

Blessed Sunday~